This is very hard

I can’t think of ideas

Please comment your thoughts.

Blog Takeover

As soon as May starts
Ms. Haseltine’s class will take part
In a blog takeover
To create blogging works of art.

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater was ever so kind
And lend us her blog
So we could keep it alive.

Sharing Our Notebooks
Is the blog we will take
I hope you will come and take a look
Whenever you have a break.



There once was a kid named Jim

Who really liked to swim

He would swim twelve laps an hour

And then he’d take a shower

Which is why he is so slim.

Two Voice Poem

In english, we have been working on two voice poems with partners. My friend Pen Lover, from the blog A Journey as a Writer, and I wrote a great poem that I wanted to share with you, but before that, Pen Lover’s writings are really interesting. If you would like to see more of her amazing pieces, click here.

In this poem, we have some lines that are seperate and some that we say together. To help you identify them, I decided to make my lines bold, Pen Lover’s italic, and keep them plain when we speak together. Here it is!

I don’t like pineapple
But they’re so sweet!
No, they kind of taste like feet

I don’t like snakes, they look so cruel,
Well, I happen to think that they are pretty cool

I love the sound of rain, with its gentle pitter patter
That relentless noise makes me mad as a hatter!

Why, oh why can’t we agree on anything?
I really hope this friendship doesn’t come to an ending!

Well, there is one thing that we can agree on…
The best color is…

Wait, what?


Most people thing that snakes are cruel

But I happen to think that they’re pretty cool


Snakes can be playful and fun

And they never weigh more than a ton


They slither around

With sun glinting of their scales

And did you know rattlesnake rattles

are the same material as our fingernails? 


In conclusion, snakes are really great

And they can live to be older than eight!

New Ideas

Oh no! I forgot to write a post yesterday!
I feel so ashamed!
Now I’ll have to write two posts today!

Oh, how can I think of so many ideas that are new?
I can hardly think of one, much less two!
And- Oh wait, I just thought of something. Toodleoo!