New Poetry

Today’s poem was a collaboration with The Writer from the blog Shorties. She is an amazing writer, so if you want to see more of her work click here. This piece may sound a little strange because we were experimenting with poetry and this was just one of the results I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy!

Baby flew to work
New joy adventure
Family cried rain
Baby said, “Peace!”

Hot city like snow
You’re going too slow
One white dolphin went belly up

But I think that it’s time
And we’ve had enough
So we should stop now
Before it gets too rough





Wrong or right

Black and white

Of all things that are bright

The brightest is sunlight


Stamps, stamps, stamps
You press them down on your hands

You also use them on important papers
Because they get sent to important people later

But there are times when the ink gets all over you,
And it may look like you are turning blue!

But overall, stamps are pretty fun,
So if you ever need to write a letter, you’ll need a stamp
Then you’re done!

A Bad Dream

Oh no!
I’m having a terrible dream!
I think my toes are falling off
And my fingers are turning to steam!

My hair is falling out in clumps
My teeth are turning gray,
I can’t remember what my name is
And I’m pretty sure I’ve turned into clay!

I’m forced to eat a bunch of vegetables
But my jaw is clenched too tight,
But I know that I will be okay
Because everything will be better when I wake up

Lost in a Book

You open the book

You flip the page

You read the first word

And soon

You’re transported into

A whole new world


A world full of magic

A world where anything can happen

Fantasy, mystery, dystopian

Each one has secrets of its own


Then you reach the last page

You slowly drift back into reality

But what happens next?

You want to go back into that world

You want to continue

The captivating story


But like every good book

They must come to an end

And you must say goodbye

To the peculiar world

You spent so much time in

And move on

To a brand new one

Complaints of a Scarecrow

I’m stuck in a muddy field,
I live all alone,
Without any friends,
Or a place to call home.

I’m battered and old,
I’m falling to pieces,
And the crows don’t help,
So it won’t be long until my job here ceases!

I cannot talk,
To voice my feelings,
My mouth is stitched,
And my outer cloth layer is peeling!

Please, someone save me,
From this dreary existence,
I feel so useless,
I need some assistance!

The Apple Incident

The shiny apple,

Made my stomach growl with hunger,

But as I reached for the treat,

It leaped of the counter!


It skidded around a chair,

And flew to the mantel,

Then, once it had finally stopped,

My heart had started to drop.


The apple was about to fall into the fire!

If I didn’t act fast,

The consequences would be dire!


I sprinted to the fire place,

Just as the apple dropped in.

After that traumatic experience,

I’ll never eat apples again.

Math Homework

Math homework
You torment me
With all your questions
And impossible answers

But why?

Math homework
You teach me
Because of you,
I learn
And bloom

Math homework
You cause me to suffer
And you enlighten me

You are good and bad
Black and white
Left and right

Math homework
You are bitter- sweet.