Birthday: SOL

This keyboard is the worst keyboard in the world. I am also not feeling the best because I got punched in the face in the morning. I also do not like that I have to go first on or for storytime friday.

Well I really do not have much to write about, I am also very bored today and I just want to go home and wish my mom a happy birthday.  I am not happy that the people who are sharing storytime friday are making me go first. They are pressuring me to go first and I do not like it. Well that’s all I have for now, if you could wish my mom a happy birthday that would be much appreciated, if you want more blogs comment what you want down below, and please consider following me. If you don’t know how to then a blog about that will be coming out shortly. Well you guys know the drill, even if you know it I am doing it anyways, see you  guys and remember to StayChill.

Me, Myself, and I/SOL

I am not feeling so good today but I will probably get over that soon. I am also not feeling very happy and I am also feeling happy, it is a very weird dilemma and I am feeling very confused.

I also am trying to type without looking and I am doing very well, I mean well for me and I am probably the slowest typer in the world and the worst speller in the world. I am just very tired today and I really do not want to type. But I have to because I am doing the slice of life challenge and I have to blog daily because that is the challenge. Also rocco and aryan are just playing nitrotype and I am just writing this blog. Well that’s all I have for now, so if you want any more blogs than comment down below and I will do those blogs. Please consider following me and giving me a like or whatever you want to do basically. Well bye for now and remember to StayChill.

Space and Honor/ SOL

I always wonder how people got the idea to make cars and wireless devices, like how did they even get the idea. I always wonder what it would feel like to live in the 1600’s and how I would live without iPhones and iPads and all the rest of that stuff.

I also wonder how the galaxy was created and how the dinosaurs would have acted if humans were existent at that time. I just wonder how everything that happened and basically everything. I have great respects to Stephen hawking’s, he passed away yesterday and I was really sad, but it was kind of extraordinary what he did for the world he had a lot more inside of him and I am just glad he passed away in piece. Well thanks guys for reading this blog post, if you want more blogs than comment what you want in the comments below, please consider following me and remember to StayChill.

Yess and More YES, SOL


   Yes      Today is just yes, there is nothing more than

      Yes      yes. I just can not say anything else than yes.







I am just very( YES) today, I just a nothing else.

  So racing simulators, I am getting one.

   It’s amazing that you can get a racing simulator and you can actually pretend that you are driving like a real car.

Overload: SOL




That’s the question most people ask themselves all the time, but most people just try and pay attention to the things that people can actually do. It’s just that when you can’t do something you usually try and if you can do it you do it, but if you can not do it you usually stop trying after trying it 2 times. I tried to blog daily everyday, but I do not think I can do it for a long time mainly because of everything I have going on, my dad just had surgery so when I get home I have to look after him, after that my grandma is here now too so I have to help her make dinner and stuff, and finally school, I know that we get around 11 minutes to write a blog post but I just do not think that it is enough. In 11 minutes you have to write edit and finalize and format a blog post.

So I will probably stop writing posts daily starting Friday. Well I hope you guys are having a good day and looks like I have to end this now so remember to StayChill.

Confused: SOL

Chick-Fil-A is one of the best fast food restaurants of all, it has the most delicious chicken sandwiches and they also have the best fries(in my opinion). But the only bad thing about chick fil a is that the sandwiches cost like $6.50, and if that doesn’t sound like a lot of money then you must be dang rich. Also I am very excited too because my grandma is coming and I will see her in the afternoon and I am really antiox and I really want to see her I haven’t seen her in almost a year and I love my grandma a lot and I am just very happy today so I hope that nothing will ruin my mood today and that I will just stay happy and that everything today will just go out as planned. Well I hope that you guys enjoyed that blog post and remember to comment down below what you want for the next blog and please consider following me, thanks for reading and as always remember to StayChill.


Yes, OK guys I am done with this blog post see you later, NO, I was just kidding. So a couple of days ago I figured out how to play fortnite on your mobile device and I wanted to do a blog post about it since forever and sadly I did not get time to do that blog post. But I am doing it now, OK so all you need to do is go to the Play Store or AppStore, ( click the words for the link), and download the app called Playstation App, ( also this only works for PS4), after you download the app you need to turn on your PS4. After that you need to pair your PS4 with the app and after it is paired need to see if Fortnite pops up on your phone. If Fortnite pops up on the phone screen then you are good to go, if it does not go through those steps again. If you want any help or any tips or suggestions for the next blog post then leave them in the comments section below, please consider following me and remember to StayChill.


Okay I am a bit more energized now and I am writing this blog post, I think that was pretty clear.

     Also the iPhone X plus is 99.9 percent certain to come out in september. I know I should be more exciting but I just think the superior Zenfone 5 is just a lot better for a better price and it has everything and more that the iPhone X has for a better price.

                   I know people who have iPhones are considered rich and stuff don’t listen to that, you pick what you want I actually prefer Androids because they are way more customizable ( no offence to apple users).

But in the end the day you pick what suits you best, if you want to go check out the new Asus Zenfone 5 then go check it out, if you want to go check out the new Samsung Galaxy S9  then here it is. Bye guys and remember to StayChill.


I am awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome, ok maybe not that awesome.

        I am just very optimistic and hype on energy but I am also very sleepy and it feels like a very weird paradox. But today is a very good and sad day.

     Sad is a very powerful word, the description for me today is: A feeling that means you are tired and feeling drowsy.

    I really do not know what today is just one of those days where you have to just wait the day out and just keep pushing.

 I have just figured out that I write very slow when I try to type without looking.

Well bye guys and remember to StayChill.


Illegal Things you have been doing EveryDay!!!

Hello guys and today I am talking about the mistakes or illegal things people do everyday and how you can fix them.

  1. Downloading Copyrighted Material off of the Internet.
  2. Downloading Music
  3. Using somebody’s knowledge in a school project and not giving credit.
  4. Replicas/Clones of Devices that are made by Official Companies.

So now you know how to fix everything that you were doing illegally and if you were not doing any of these then you sir have a clean record.

Oh yeah just saying none if these are sponsored and nobody is paying me to do any of this. But if I do get a sponsor then that would be great

Anyways guys have a great day and remember to StayChill.