Feeling: Poetry

Your mind transcends into a parallel universe
Your body bends into a metamorphosis and changes you
The light at the end of the street turns on
The guy on the news is just a con
For in your mind you are not yourself
You are another person that is living in a world of twist and turn
Your brother goes into the city of no return, you go into the village where the sun burns
Your sandwich falls on the street and there is no sauce left for you to eat
But instantly it fills with water and makes it self into a monster and eats you alive
But you make it out by cutting it with a sword
For in your mind you are a god, someone that cannot get hurt or injured
You are the person people look up to and make dolls out of
Because you are a human, a being and you need to make yourself feel better
You are a child the most precious of all

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