Fortnite vs PUBG

Fortnite vs PUBG is a very popular argument, some people have taken this so far that they have made official declarations on this topic. What do I think well it is very complicated and it also depends on what taste you have and also what you are looking for in a game. PUBG is the acronym for Players Unknown BattleGrounds, it was made before fortnite so yes PUBG did not copy fortnite. Also if you want a more realistic type of battle royale game then I would definitely tell you to go get PUBG. It is a more realistic game and you have better graphics, do not get me wrong but I do think that fortnite is a bit cartoony. Now Fortnite’s side of the story, fortnite is a battle royale game that has a more cartoony approach to the platform. Because of this cartoony platform more parents allow their kids to play this game because they know that there is no actual blood and dieing effects. Also fortnite has two modes you can play in the obvious mode I was talking about and there is a mode called save the world mode where you are teamed up with 3 other people and you and a couple of other people are alive and the storm has taken away or made the other humans extinct. The upside of fortnite is that fortnite is free at least the battle royale version is free the save the world version is not free. In the end I like them both and I am not in favor of either one. Well that’s it for today guys, please comment down below what other blog post’s you want, most likely I will reply and do that blog post. Also please consider following me and liking the blog post’s, and guys always remember to StayChill.

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  1. I do think a lot of people play fortnite because it is very kid friendly which means that many people’s friends are playing it which means they want to play it. Even people who usually don’t play video games start to play fortnite. It’s really captured the pokemon go effect which if you think back to 2016 was really popular because it seemed like everyone played it. It seemed like everyone you saw on the streets was playing pokemon so you would naturally want to play it. Fortnite has really captured that effect and made it so it became a revolution.

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