I am tired, I am very tired, I need to sleep right now but too bad I can’t. I also want to eat something because I did not eat anything so I am really hungry. I also want to go home and I also do not want to write this blog. I know I am sounding very boring write now but we all just came back after 2 days of snow days and spring break starts tomorrow and it is 8:50 in the morning, so, keep up with me here. Let’s talk about my racing simulator, I have ordered my racing wheel and pedals, I have ordered my Xbox One S Forza Horizon 3 edition to play the games on and I have also ordered Assetto Corsa, if you do not know what that is it is basically Forza Motorsport but better. A lot of people make fun of me for liking cars, they say that I act like a little kid and that only 5 year old’s like cars. What I say to that is do what you want, you can never change anybody’s mind about what they are thinking, but you can not let what people think ruin the things that you like, if everybody loved the same thing nobody would be special and you would all have the same thinking, so pursue what you want to pursue in life and enjoy it. Well that’s all for today and remember to always in any situation StayChill.

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