Oh, My, APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple is making headphones, like headphones, it should not be making headphones and here’s why. Apple is a very successful company so it would only make sense that it would make its own headphones, right? No, it’s not because I am not an apple fan, which I am, it’s because it would not make sense. So let me explain it to you, Apple is a company that owns a company called beats, it used to belong to a person called Dr.Dre. The company beats is a company that specializes in making headphones and earphones and speakers. If apple makes their own headphones

It would kill the the other company earnings and people would just go to apple and buy their headphones and beats would no longer specialize in making headphones and it would just be this side company that is lost and doesn’t know what to do.

It would kind of be like a company that is just trying to hang on to whatever it has left.

Well I hope this has been some informational blog about business and stuff, see you guys later and remember to StayChill.

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