Birthday: SOL

This keyboard is the worst keyboard in the world. I am also not feeling the best because I got punched in the face in the morning. I also do not like that I have to go first on or for storytime friday.

Well I really do not have much to write about, I am also very bored today and I just want to go home and wish my mom a happy birthday.  I am not happy that the people who are sharing storytime friday are making me go first. They are pressuring me to go first and I do not like it. Well that’s all I have for now, if you could wish my mom a happy birthday that would be much appreciated, if you want more blogs comment what you want down below, and please consider following me. If you don’t know how to then a blog about that will be coming out shortly. Well you guys know the drill, even if you know it I am doing it anyways, see you  guys and remember to StayChill.

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