Overload: SOL




That’s the question most people ask themselves all the time, but most people just try and pay attention to the things that people can actually do. It’s just that when you can’t do something you usually try and if you can do it you do it, but if you can not do it you usually stop trying after trying it 2 times. I tried to blog daily everyday, but I do not think I can do it for a long time mainly because of everything I have going on, my dad just had surgery so when I get home I have to look after him, after that my grandma is here now too so I have to help her make dinner and stuff, and finally school, I know that we get around 11 minutes to write a blog post but I just do not think that it is enough. In 11 minutes you have to write edit and finalize and format a blog post.

So I will probably stop writing posts daily starting Friday. Well I hope you guys are having a good day and looks like I have to end this now so remember to StayChill.

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