Yes, OK guys I am done with this blog post see you later, NO, I was just kidding. So a couple of days ago I figured out how to play fortnite on your mobile device and I wanted to do a blog post about it since forever and sadly I did not get time to do that blog post. But I am doing it now, OK so all you need to do is go to the Play Store or AppStore, ( click the words for the link), and download the app called Playstation App, ( also this only works for PS4), after you download the app you need to turn on your PS4. After that you need to pair your PS4 with the app and after it is paired need to see if Fortnite pops up on your phone. If Fortnite pops up on the phone screen then you are good to go, if it does not go through those steps again. If you want any help or any tips or suggestions for the next blog post then leave them in the comments section below, please consider following me and remember to StayChill.

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