Okay I am a bit more energized now and I am writing this blog post, I think that was pretty clear.

     Also the iPhone X plus is 99.9 percent certain to come out in september. I know I should be more exciting but I just think the superior Zenfone 5 is just a lot better for a better price and it has everything and more that the iPhone X has for a better price.

                   I know people who have iPhones are considered rich and stuff don’t listen to that, you pick what you want I actually prefer Androids because they are way more customizable ( no offence to apple users).

But in the end the day you pick what suits you best, if you want to go check out the new Asus Zenfone 5 then go check it out, if you want to go check out the new Samsung Galaxy S9  then here it is. Bye guys and remember to StayChill.

2 thoughts on “SOL: PHONES

  1. I agree with you Anshu. People should pick their phones by what they like and not to get popular. I honestly don’t see the big deal with the iPhone x. { no offense iPhone lovers} I prefer Samsung. They have more space for things and in my opinion, they are easy to use.

    1. Thank you finally someone agree’s with me, all the other people are like no iphones mean you are rich and all of that stuff!

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