Terraria or Minecraft

Hey guys I am Anshu and today I am going to talk to you about Terraria.

Terraria is a block based game that is free, now I know it is basically a minecraft rip-off. But there are some things different about terraria and minecraft. Terraria is free and Minecraft costs $27.95, so yeah. Terraria is a online game and minecraft is an actual download and you actually have to go into the app for minecraft but Terraria is an online game. If you go to say, 

if you are a little kid or you are someone who doesn’t have a ton of money or $27.95 the I recommend that you go with Terraria. Terraria is still a pretty

decent game but obviously mine-craft is worth the money. Minecraft and Terraria both are on the Xbox 360 but minecraft is also on the Xbox One and One S and One X. Well you can get Terraria free on the pc by downloading it from an alternate website but I seriously do not recommend that. Well I hope that this post was enough for you too choose between one Terraria or Minecraft, see you guys and remember to StayChill.

One thought on “Terraria or Minecraft

  1. I like terraria better than minecraft because it has many more bosses and many more biomes and craftable weapons. Even though it is 2D I like Terraria better.

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