Beginning: StayChill

This is finally the day, the day the stay chill blog will finally start and in all of its glory, it will shine. Okay that as a bit much but it is the start of a new blog.

I have never had a blog so it’s really exciting and I am a bit hyper but you can’t blame me for that because the rest of the people in my class are way more excited about it than me so I am trying to be optimistic and all that stuff. But I am seriously excited about this blog, finally something where I don’t have to share something on a notebook, no offence but i still do very much like Notebook Journey it’s just that I have to always write on paper and it sometimes gets boring. I think blogging is a amazing way to communicate and get along with others doing the same thing. Well I hope you guys enjoy my blog and I hope you stick with me till the end, remember


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