The Sorcerer and the Love Potion Pt 2

“Lovesick, there is no such thing.” said the Sorcerer

“Yes there is. And I need you to make a love potion.” said the Carpenter.

“Love potion? There is no such thing.” said the Sorcerer.

“Yes there is. There have been stories, I know it’s possible.” said the Carpenter

“No, no, no! Even if there was a way, love is the most dangerous magic of all! I will not deal with such power. Besides, why do you need a love potion anyways?” asked the Sorcerer. The Carpenter took a breath and looked back at the sick woman’s hut.

“You know the sick women you just saved,” said the Carpenter.

The Sorcerer nodded his head.

“Well I’ve been in love for as long as I can remember. But I’m afraid she doesn’t feel the same way. So I need this love potion, please, I’ll pay you everything I have. I really need this.” said the Carpenter.

The Sorcerer started to think, does this Carpenter really deserve a love potion a very dangerous magic. No, he doesn’t. But the Sorcerer remembered, he had to bring hope, and that included giving this Carpenter hope of finding love.

“Fine I’ll do it. But know what you’re getting into.” said the Sorcerer.

The Carpenter nodded and shook the Sorcerer’s hand.

The Sorcerer traveled back to hut and began the experimenting. He couldn’t believe he was going to attempt to create something that couldn’t be created, well at least he thought. He opened everything cabinet he had full of potions and ingredients.

“Alright let’s start with you.” said the Sorcerer to one of his potions. He powered the cauldron and through as many potion and ingredients into it. The results of the mixtures lead to various things. Some had a little poof, others had a not-so little poof. Sometimes the Sorcerer would turn into other animals, the frog was the hardest to recover from. And teleporting to unknown realms was definitely tricking. After all his errors the knew that this love potion wasn’t going to work.

He rode back to the village to tell the bad new to the Carpenter. As he got there he spotted the Carpenter talking to a lady, she was the sick woman. He noticed that they both looked happy and very much in love. The Sorcerer was once again right, love can’t be replicated with some potions and bottles, it had to be created with the two people that share it, and truly care for each other. Love is truly a powerful magic.


The Sorcerer and the Love Potion Pt 1

Once upon a time, there lived a Powerful and Mighty Sorcerer. He was known to battle the dreadful impossible and make it possible. With his potion bottles and a little bit of magic, he could achieve anything. And by anything, I mean anything, the ability to live for months without a single crumb to eat, the ability to sing beautiful symphonies to please a crowd or put a stubborn, crying baby to sleep, and even fly! This was the powerful and mighty Sorcerer, he was the best. The man who could do everything, but was it truly everything?

One day, a troubled Carpenter dressed in weathered rags and splinters stabbed all over his hands from a nearby village, came racing to the sorcerer’s hut screaming, “Great Sorcerer! Great Sorcerer! Your assistance is needed immediately! Please Great Sorcerer!”

The Sorcerer emerged from his hut door and into the light, showing his white beard and glittery robe and asked, “What is my help needed for, Carpenter.”

“There is a women, sick. In my village, only a half days journey away. We’re, afraid she’s dying.” replied the Carpenter

“Dying? How? There is no plague to go around, no poison bush in miles, and certainly no barbarians, not on my watch.” said the Sorcerer.

“We don’t know, she’s been sick for almost three days, and getting worse by the minute. I’m willing to pay all I have.” said the Carpenter.

“No that won’t be necessary. No life should be bought. I’ve stopped the course of death but never undone it’s work, we must hurry if we want to save her.” said the Sorcerer. He quickly retrieved his materials for the job, and went to the back to the stables to retrieve his horse for the journey, a beautiful white steed, perfect for riding and having as a friend. The men settled themselves on the steed and raced to the village hoping to not be too late.

The village was small, smaller than most but certainly one of the most peaceful. Yet, the sickness of the women disturbed the it. Everyone was running around in hysteria, praying she would make it. As the Sorcerer arrived, the hysteria stopped, silence came, and all eyes were on him. Then all of sudden the crowd broke into praise. Excitement and relief filled the village. The Sorcerer smiled, he loved it when there was a sense of hope. In the most scary and most simple. He climbed off the horse and asked, “Where is the sick women?”

“She’s in the last hut down.” responded the Carpenter

They walked to the hut and as they got closer, he continued to see worried villagers and families. He still kept his head high, he had to continue to bring hope. He stopped at the hut and opened the door. Before his eyes, was truly a sick women. Her face was wet with sweat and burning due to the terrible fever she had been given. She looked uncomfortable, and exhausted. The Sorcerer knew she wasn’t going to make it. Not without a touch of magic. The Carpenter went to her and held her hand while whispering a few things into her ear, not loud enough for the old and weathered Sorcerer to hear.

“Alright, do your work. She’s getting worse.” said the Carpenter

“Yes of course.” said the Sorcerer.

He set out his materials over the dirt floor. Mixed a few liquids into a bottle and gave it to the women to drink. He rubbed a plant between his hands and waved them over the women’s body. They started to glow, and the group of people watching started to gasp. The Sorcerer was finished. Yet nothing happened.

“Why isn’t it working.” yelled the Carpenter.

“Patience Carpenter. Give the potion time to kick in.” responded the Sorcerer.

“Time? We don’t have time. The potion needs to work now!” yelled the Carpenter.

“It will work. She is saved now!” exclaimed the Sorcerer.

“We don’t know that. What if you forgot an ingredient?” asked the Carpenter.

“I’ve done this potion over a million times! I promise you it will work. Why do you care about this woman’s being so much?” asked the Sorcerer.

But before the Carpenter could respond, he heard a little cough. And the group started to smile.

“Hello? What happened?” asked the women now opening her eyes to witness the light.

“She is saved!” exclaimed the crowd.

The Sorcerer looked to the Carpenter and said, “I told you.”

The Carpenter rolled his eyes and went to women and gave her a hug, he started to tear up, he didn’t think it was possible.

“Well I must get going.” said the Sorcerer. He rolled up materials in his animal hided bag and just as he was about to walk out the door the Carpenter screamed,

“Great Sorcerer wait!” The Sorcerer turned around and faced the Carpenter. The Carpenter spoke, “Your work here is not complete.”

“What do you mean Carpenter?” asked the Sorcerer.

“I’m sick too.” the Carpenter responded.

The Sorcerer looked at him in confusion and asked, “Is this a joke? Are you making a mockery of me?”

“No of course not. But I am sick, lovesick.” responded the Carpenter.



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