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Today I’m with my dad for the first time this year I see him twice a year and I’m going to be with him throughout the entire spring break I’m also going to be with my Nana, and Gaga (Grandma, and Grandpa) and Grace (dads girlfriend) I’m so excited! Were going to the beach even though its pretty cold outside but first were going to stay here in Virginia for the weekend, go to the beach for eight days, and then stay in Virginia for the last weekend were with them. I can’t wait there getting here at seven o’clock p.m, and then were going to go back to the hotel where we stay every time we see him and have loads of fun:)

Why Today

Why today out of all days. They gave us Wednesday, and Thursday but out of all days not to close school it had to be the Friday before spring break. Why would they do that. A few months ago they closed school on the sunniest day of fall and they can’t do it now on the chilliest day of winter. It doesn’t make any sense. it just makes me so stressed. It’s like closing the pool on the hottest day in summer. We couldn’t even get on the bus because the side walk was full of snow. (its common sense)

Amelie Is Busy (very busy)

school was canceled (again) so far today I have gone to the gym with my friend, and are dreading the thought of all the home work I have to do. so I have decided to make a to do list

  1. Take a shower
  2. Finish literary analysis essay
  3. practice violin
  4. shoot violin video (due tomorrow)
  5. See if there is any math home work on google classroom
  6. Study for history test (tomorrow)
  7. Study for nutrients test (health)
  8. Practice in ignition (typing)
  10. Pack for dads (tomorrow!!!!)
  11. Get new pants at target
  12. Call dad (if he’s still awake)
  13. GO TO BED!!!!!!!!

ok that’s it now lets go do it.

Snow Snow Snow!!!

Today school was canceled because there was a blizzard. I know it sounds scary but it was so much fun sledding and having snow ball fights. I really hope we don’t have school tomorrow because then i’ll have extra time  to do my school work, I’m kinda behind and I would really like to catch up. oh and also I’m sooooooooo tired I don’t know why but the past few nights I have slept horrible. But good news I’m seeing my dad on Friday, isn’t that so exciting. did you guys have a snow day today? if so have fun.


Brothers Birthday

I have two brothers named Jack, and Charlie their identical twins and were born on March twentieth two thousand nine. A cool fact about them is that there mirror twins which means they are different according to a mirror. One is left handed the other is right handed, one of them does things out of pride the other does it out of emotion. This year Charlie has decided to grow his hair out its about six inches long and he's going to dye it just like me. I'm not sure if its going to look good but If it makes him happy it would all be worth it. Happy birthday to my two baby brothers and I love watching you guys grow up.

It’s A New Day

It’s a new day. Things will be better today, right. I tuck my shirt in and whisper to my self. I here the wind of the cars out side zoom past my house. I study the paintings hung around my house, and then glance at the kitchen thinking I would regret not eating later when I’m hungry at school. I sit in the chair across from the computer and write a blog for today in English. I roll back in my chair and try to relax, but suddenly I here the crash of glass shatter on the floor for I have broken a wine glass (a very expensive) wine glass.



Today was hectic.

Today was boring.

Today I had pizza.

Today was my brothers birthday party.

Writing is boring right now.

I want to stop.

But I can’t.

I hope you realize this is a bad example of blogging.

I’m sorry Ms:Haseltine.

But i’m worn out.

I know that’s the worst excuse ever.

But its all I got right now.

Sixty words,

Sixty two.

That’s getting annoying isn’t it.

I want to go to bed.

Shoot I forgot to do my history homework.

That’s another hour of no sleep.

I’m sorry if i’m cranky tomorrow Ms:Haseltine

Four more words.

Good night!

That Feeling

I hate when I have the feeling of not knowing what to write. its like torture on your brain especially when something is on the tip of your tongue, and then you realize what it is when your done writing your paragraph. it makes my shoulders feel tense and my neck feel stiff as I fidget with my fingers, and crack my knuckles. Its just the feeling of slight frustrating that sets you to the limit, pushing all your buttons, and taunting the back of your brain where all your good ideas are. You probably have figured that’s what’s happening to me right now as I get distracted by the cheesy commercials on TV, and wait for the word count to hit one hundred. have you ever felt this way tell me In the comments below.


BIG NEWS!!!!! today my mom told me that the girl who dyed my hair rainbow last year is moving back here from California and is going to dye my hair galaxy this year now. Which is purple, pink, and blue. Last year all I wanted to do was look at my self in the mirror, post one hundred selfies a day, and not want to take showers. I know what your thinking that it is gross but I have a reasonable explanation. Every time you wash your hair it has to be in freezing cold water so the colors don’t mix and stay vibrate it also takes out a lot of dye it last up to two months but the first time you wash it  looks very dull but I hope I can keep it brighter this time because my colors will be darker but it will take an extra two hours cause my hair is four inches longer i’m getting it done on Apr 13 so i’m going to have to be patient which is what I do worst along with going To the Docter and eating at Mc donalds. Comment down below if you have ever gotten your hair dyed, and what color it was. Thanks for listening


I love to play the violin, watching my bow dance across the strings as it creates a beautiful melody, sitting in the uncomfortable position that just wants to make me practice harder, and just focusing on the notes one at a time. I sit up and listen to how all four parts come together creating a great symphony. I here the metronome crash every beat gets louder I worry if i’m going to be able to keep up, it gets faster I keep strumming. The cellos play a solo as I take a deep breath getting ready for my turn. first measure, second measure, third measure, it goes by so quickly. I place my bow on the a string as my heart drops I play. The notes go by as I create a beautiful harmony. and that’s why I love the violin because it gives me the feeling of success, and confidence.

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