The wind blows. I close my eyes and adjust my uncomfortable uniform. My feet stand strong as i get ready to shift them at any moment. I see the ball as it gallops across the field at a high speed. I get ready to catch it. My hands feel sweaty under my goalie gloves. I look at the  bright neon orange stripes across my cleats. My attention goes back to the field as I realize the ball is close. I start to hyperventilate I feel a flash of heat sprint through my body. My legs feel like jello. I feel petrified. I feel scattered like im everywhere at once. I get my hands, and feet in place. I follow the ball with my eyes, like a hawk getting ready to catch its prey. I focus my eyes on the black stitches that hold the ball together. A girl with a high black ponytail kicks the ball straight at the goal I dive as i feel my eyelashes start to get heavy. My eyes close. I feel like I have caught the ball, have i? My hands feel weighted down. I lift my eyes to see a soccer ball, with the kick mark of the player from before. I feel proud. I see the eyes of the opposing team. I feel sad for them almost guilty, but still my brain is full of glee and excitement. And that’s why i love soccer because its unpredictable, and breathtaking