Life As An Ice Cream Lover

Life is about using the whole box of crayons

Month: April 2018


Sometimes I feel sad,
and sometimes I feel mad
But sometimes I feel happy,
and sometimes I feel calm


Sometimes I feel depressed,
and sometimes I fall down.
But sometimes I’m excited,
and sometimes I get up again.


Sometimes I feel negative,
and sometimes I feel blue.
But sometimes I feel optimistic,
and sometimes I’m a rainbow of calmness,
excitement,  positivity, and happiness


And I hope sometimes you feel this way too!


Ocean Haiku

Its subtle but strong.

As it dances with the tide.

The ocean lives long.




The wind blows. I close my eyes and adjust my uncomfortable uniform. My feet stand strong as i get ready to shift them at any moment. I see the ball as it gallops across the field at a high speed. I get ready to catch it. My hands feel sweaty under my goalie gloves. I look at the  bright neon orange stripes across my cleats. My attention goes back to the field as I realize the ball is close. I start to hyperventilate I feel a flash of heat sprint through my body. My legs feel like jello. I feel petrified. I feel scattered like im everywhere at once. I get my hands, and feet in place. I follow the ball with my eyes, like a hawk getting ready to catch its prey. I focus my eyes on the black stitches that hold the ball together. A girl with a high black ponytail kicks the ball straight at the goal I dive as i feel my eyelashes start to get heavy. My eyes close. I feel like I have caught the ball, have i? My hands feel weighted down. I lift my eyes to see a soccer ball, with the kick mark of the player from before. I feel proud. I see the eyes of the opposing team. I feel sad for them almost guilty, but still my brain is full of glee and excitement. And that’s why i love soccer because its unpredictable, and breathtaking


I don’t know why It took me so long to figure this out. But I love WWE wrestling. It doesn’t really seem like something I would like but then I watched it and its now the best thing in the world in my mind. My favorite wrestler is Roman Reigns. He won the royal rumble, and WrestleMania in two thousand and fifteen. he also won many other events. He’s known as the lone wolf, and is even cousins with the one and only Dwayne the rock Johnston. I also like Titus O’neil, but I don’t know much about him other than he used to be an American football player, and he went to the University Of Florida. I can’t wait for WrestleMania on Sunday, and (spoiler alert) cant wait to see Shinsuke Nakamura fight against AJ styles!!!!!

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