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Month: February 2018

SOL Tuesday

My life has just changed dramatically. And all because of my bike, here’s the scene i was riding on my favorite bike path, i gripped onto the handles tightly. my hair danced in the wind. It started to rain so i sped up as i heard the isolated pebbles from the loose gravel fling from my front wheel. My knees started pumping repeatedly as my phone scattered out of my pocket a little bit more every time my knee hit my over sized sweatshirt. But then it happened my phone flew out of my pocket flinging into the damp and musty air. My phone is now cracked in all sorts of places and so is my heart.




I love the musical Hamilton it shows one of our beloved founding fathers story from beginning to end,and from nothing to everything. His adventure inspires all who witness his beautiful story (including yours truly) love, hate, happiness, sadness, aggression, and war are all elements in this lovely piece of art. On Aug,06,2015 Hamilton performed on Broadway for the first time. Michelle Obama called it the most amazing piece of art she had ever witnessed and many agree with her. Written by Lin Manuel Miranda, and loved by all. The musical Hamilton will be remembered forever.



9:53 a.m
Hello, soon im going to make my blog account public I would like to tell all readers to give there full opinion and tell me what i should improve on in the comment section on my writing i’m also going to try to post once every day and update my readers on what i’m doing,learning, and exploring. I hope you love my blogging adventure and can relate.


Book Recommendations

9:28 a.m

Hello, I’m reading the harry potter series. If you like the fantasy genre you are going to love harry potter. Harry potter is about a boy who later finds out he is a wizard. He eventually goes to Hogwarts school of magic and has amazing, and breathtaking adventures with his friends Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger I hope you enjoy these marvelous and magical books.


Good Morning

10:27 a.m

Good morning schools canceled again it doesn’t make any sense there wasn’t even any snow.  But I really wish there was. They keep saying there is going to be snow but then (spoiler alert) there isn’t any. My dreams are slowly being crushed and no one is helping me. Also to make matters worse i have to go to the gym again today. Even though it’s only for an hour it feels like a millenium. Thanks for listening me complain



I hate the gym, yesterday i went for the first time and everything hurts my legs feel deflated, my neck is stiff, and my feet ache every step i take. Sorry for being over dramatic but that’s really all the personality the universe gave me. Other than being a really fast ice cream eater. And being able to listen to the hamilton soundtrack over one hundred times a day. Thanks for listening to me complain.



Hi I’m Amelie, today has been as hectic as usual my brother screamed on the top of his lungs at my mom, my other brother made me walk him to school and every time I went with him he would forget something I swear we went back to the house about six times. As I sat in the corner listening to the hamilton soundtrack getting yelled at by my mom for not turning my lights off. The bus ride was the same kids screaming like theres no tomorrow, the bus driver telling the whole world on her intercom were going to have assigned seats, and the eighth graders cussing on the top of their lungs and playing their favourite songs on high volume. As tried to at least to think of what i forgot to, and what I’m going to get yelled at about later. Thats it and that’s all I hope you like my hectic life, and you can relate.


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