April 6

Poetry is…

Poetry is…………………

A type of tree with writing on it.

-Each branch tells a different story

Poetry is…nature

fun in its own way.

Poetry is…

A form of writing

-it is not just writing, but another form of it.

February 16

I like to draw!

I like drawing. Mostly I draw in my notebook. I even doodle on my work sometimes. Tornadoes are on the papers often. I sometimes use pencils, crayons, pens, markers, or paint. Drawing is really satisfying. It is because when you put your pencil on the paper and start sliding it all over it, it is like watching a mess of pencil lead turn into something great. When I am bored, I draw. Sometimes!!!

February 15

Blogging in English Class!!!

This is my second blog post I am writing. I have already created my first blog post about a book called “Number the stars.” I haven’t added any pictures in my first blog post. I don’t know how to, but when I get further into the blog, I will understand. My English teacher knows how to blog. I actually enjoyed writing my first blog post on my book review. I got to pick the topic I wanted to write about. Blogging has been a very fun experience for me. I like it.

February 6

My Book Review: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

It is about a girl named Annemarie, and her family who are trying to save the jewish family, including her jewish best friend, Ellen, from getting caught by Nazi soldiers in World War 2. But the soldiers keep appearing out of nowhere, standing in front of them, yelling. But they wouldn’t give up.

I like this book because it informs us about long time ago when life wasn’t fair, when jewish were being attacked by Nazis and other people were trying to save them.