The Red Queen

Lately, my blogs have all been relating to books I read for school. I haven’t finished The Red Queen yet, but I’ve decided to briefly share my thoughts on it to create a variety amongst my recent blogs.

I really don’t like it. I got halfway through The Red Queen during spring break, but in the three weeks following it, I haven’t picked it up once. I’ll probably go back and finish it during the summer for the sake of finishing it. As of now, I would not recommend it. It’s a retelling of every other YA fantasy book that’s been published since 2010. I’m pretty sure I have the ending figured out already.

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The Alchemist

If I was completely honest, I didn’t enjoy The Alchemist. However, I feel like that may be attributed to the translator. I found the writing to be dry, jarring, and rushed. The time felt off- months would pass by in just a couple of sentences.

I did enjoy the actual story however, which makes me inclined to think that the problem lies with the translation. There were times when I was a bit confused, and even now, I’m not exactly sure what was happening at points. On the bright side, The Alchemist is short and interesting enough to easily reread in two-ish hours. I would, 100%, read this book again.

Overall, The Alchemist was a quick and light read, which I’d recommend people read when they’re busy.

3/5 stars

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Over spring break, I decided to completely restart. After rewriting my first chapter, I decided I didn’t like where the story was going. I’m still a bit iffy about what exactly it is I want. There’s a lot of elements I enjoy reading about and I feel like I’m forcing them into my own, which is making it really busy. Further, I feel as I’ve been very focused on just trying to finish. I tried doing the outline approach I mentioned a couple of blogs ago, but it felt rushed and I ended up deleting everything. Trying to find a method that works for me is causing a lot of confusion- I’ve always focused on detail when writing, so it’s definitely the method I’m most comfortable with, but the thing is, is it actually working? I have yet to get past chapter ten.

Currently, I am trying to rework the plot and structure, as well as change the setting up a bit. I feel like I need to go back and plan a bit more.

Thank you!

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