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Hi! I didn’t realize today was March 14 until like a minute ago.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned I might sometimes blog about writing. This is going to be my first progress blog. I finished plotting last week, and, to be honest, it’s almost a relief. I’ve been working on the plot for almost three years at this point, and I just couldn’t wait to be past the planning stage and start writing.

I started working on Chapter 11 too, last week, but I’m an idiot and I deleted the first part. It was kind of disappointing, but oh well.

I’ve noticed a flaw in my work method as well. I’m very detail oriented, so doing things takes me twice as long. As things move along, I’m trying to change how I approach each chapter; I’m thinking about doing a outline for each chapter before I write, followed by a loose first draft, and then going back and polishing.

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