An Ember in the Ashes #3

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This week, I read pages 40-53. Once again, it was only one chapter- Chapter Six, but I think this should be the last week where I only read one chapter for a while.


  • Elias
  • Helene
  • Marcus
  • A couple of the other students who are graduating are mentioned, like: Faris, Dex, Demetrius, Tristas, and Zak


  • Blackcliff

What’s happened so far? CONTAINS SPOILERS 

  • ELIAS is acting off and paranoid, so Helene advises him to not behave weirdly. However, she doesn’t suspect he plans on deserting, rather that he is nervous about graduating. The chapter spent a lot of time explaining Blackcliff and the Martial world.


The writing was a bit choppy in this section, but Tahir has really descriptive settings.

“I tear off my mask…the cold metal releases its hold” Is there a name for the metal used to make the masks? And where are they found? I really hope Tahir will explain a bit more about them in the last book. They’re a big part of the story.

Elias is actually really annoying. He kind of just complains and is overall a passive character. I know that there have been times when his choices and actions influence the plot, especially later on in the book, but he spends like 3/4 of the book just going with what’s happening.


“Elias, stop curling your eyelashes and get out here. We’re late.” (p. 44)

“Through the arches, Serra’s lights glow dully, tens of thousands of oil lamps dwarfed by the vast darkness of the surrounding desert. To the south, a pall of smoke mutes the shine of the river.” (p.52)

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