Being in a Sport

Sports have always been part of my life. My parents played sports as well as my older siblings. This influenced my love for sports. I’ve really gone full circle with the sports I’ve played. Started off in first grade with basketball and soccer with little leagues in my community. Then by 3rg grade, I added lacrosse to my list. I loved lacrosse!! I quit basketball and soccer for 3 years. I made lacrosse my main sport. By 5th grade (My last year of lacrosse) I broke my arm during a game. I was out for the rest of the season and just never went back to it. I then started soccer and basketball up again! I kept soccer and basketball till 7th grade. I dropped basketball to play volleyball because all my friends were playing. I enjoyed it a lot and even got into a travel team for a year around sports team. Unfortunately, I stopped playing volleyball because it was no longer fun for me. My parents were a bit disappointed because I was really good. Now I’m back to soccer and basketball! I was so happy about soccer making it to travel for a season. Although, the price of travel wasn’t worth it so I didn’t continue with that league in the spring. Now I’ve been playing soccer and basketball for my high school. I love both the sports and I’m glad I went back to them! Sports have brought so much enjoyment an fun into my life. I made so many friends from far and wide. This also made outside school so much more exciting!!

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