March Madness

March, the month where magic happens.  This year is a huge year for the March Madness tournament.  A lot of the lower seeded teams seem to be better than normal this year.  I made a lot of brackets this year, but the one I believe in the most has Arizona vs UNC and Villanova vs Duke in the final four.  Then I have Villanova beating Arizona in the championship.  The games start today, March 15, and the championship is April 2.  Every year when I make my brackets I feel as if I picked the perfect upsets to win and picked the most obvious wins as well.  Sadly, every year the upsets I pick don’t happen and the upsets that I didn’t pick do happen.  Hopefully, this year goes differently for me and I become a billionaire.

Michael Porter Jr. to Play

Michael Porter Jr. has been out all season for Missouri due to back surgery.  Coming out of high school he was the #1 ranked recruit in the nation.  No one has ever seen a player miss the entire season then come back just for the NCAA  tournament.  Michael Porter Jr. was projected to be a #1 overall draft pick in the NBA before he even played a minute in college.  He will definitely make a huge difference for Missouri in this tournament.  He is a 6’10” foward who can defend anyone and can score from anywhere.  This tournament may be the only time Missouri fans will be able to see him play for them.  He is likely to declare for the NBA draft after this college season unless he does very poorly in the games he plays in.