NBA Playoffs

The Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors will be meeting in the Western Conference Finals this year while the Cleveland Cavaliers will either be facing the Philadelphia 76ers or the Boston Celtics.  This year is the first year since 2014 that the Warriors will not have home court advantage in a series for the playoffs.  The Celtics are winning in the Eastern Conference Semi-final series versus the 76ers with a 3-1 lead.  My pick for the Western Conference champion are the Warriors because they have too many stars that the Rockets won’t be able to guard.  Also, I believe that the Warriors play together better than the Rockets do.

Now that the Eastern Conference Finals and Western Conference Finals are on their way we know that the Cavaliers will be playing the Celtics.  Their first matchup was Sunday night and the Celtics surprisingly came out with a huge win.  Beating the Cavaliers by around 20 points.  Marcus Morris played great defense against Lebron and held him under 20 points.  As I expected, the Warriors beat the Rockets in their first matchup.  My predictions for these match ups are Cavaliers in 7 games and Warriors in 6 games.

Lebron going to Golden State?!

Recently there has been rumors going around the NBA about Lebron James possibly signing with the Golden State Warriors in free-agency after the season.  Most people have said that they would have no respect for Lebron and they wouldn’t support him anymore if went to Golden State.  Suprisingly, former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal stated that he thinks Lebron should go to Golden State, get three more rings and be known as the greatest player of all time. In an interview Lebron says that anything said about him that doesn’t come from his mouth is not true.  Then he told the reporters to start focusing on the present Cavaliers team.  I was angry when Kevin Durant joined the winningest team in the history of the NBA, I can’t imagine how I would feel if the arguably greatest player of all time joined a team with 4 other all stars.

Lebron getting better as he ages?

Most NBA players prime around their mid to older twenties and aren’t having much of an effect when they get into their 30s, but Lebron James is playing his best basketball as he turns 32.  Let’s start off with defense, when a player ages it seems natural that their defense would get a little worse because they’ve become slower, but Lebron is averaging his most defensive points saved and tying his most blocks per game.  He has also stayed consistent scoring the ball with 28.1 ppg this year and 26.4 ppg last year.  His shooting percentage this year is the best it has ever been and last year’s shooting percentage was his 4th best.  While he is scoring around the same amount his assists are going up.  Last year he averaged 8.7 apg which is the most he has average in his entire career and this year he is averaging 9.1.  Along with his assists going up, his rebounds have also gone up.  Last year he averaged 8.6 rpg and this year he is averaging 8.3 rpg. As Lebron has aged not only has he stayed consistent, but virtually all of his stats have gotten better.