Lamelo and Liangelo in Lithuania

If you did not already know, once Liangelo Ball got caught stealing from a store in China UCLA decided that he wouldn’t be able to play for a couple weeks.  So Lavar Ball pulled him out of UClA and took Liangelo and Lamelo Ball to play basketball in Lithuania.  So far, the two brothers have played 3 games for the Lithuania team.  The first game they combined for 29pts, the second game they combined for 0pts, and the third game they combined for 60pts.  They’ve been very inconsistent but, I believe that once they’ve been playing on that level for a little longer they will settle down and start being consistently good.  In interviews they have both said that they like life in Lithuania and I think it is a very good fit for them.  Hopefully in the future we will see Liangelo and Lamelo join their older brother Lonzo in the NBA.