Lebron getting better as he ages?

Most NBA players prime around their mid to older twenties and aren’t having much of an effect when they get into their 30s, but Lebron James is playing his best basketball as he turns 32.  Let’s start off with defense, when a player ages it seems natural that their defense would get a little worse because they’ve become slower, but Lebron is averaging his most defensive points saved and tying his most blocks per game.  He has also stayed consistent scoring the ball with 28.1 ppg this year and 26.4 ppg last year.  His shooting percentage this year is the best it has ever been and last year’s shooting percentage was his 4th best.  While he is scoring around the same amount his assists are going up.  Last year he averaged 8.7 apg which is the most he has average in his entire career and this year he is averaging 9.1.  Along with his assists going up, his rebounds have also gone up.  Last year he averaged 8.6 rpg and this year he is averaging 8.3 rpg. As Lebron has aged not only has he stayed consistent, but virtually all of his stats have gotten better.