A Spookyyy Storyyy


Deep in the woods of the dark and twisted trees. Deep in the woods of the foggy and misty air. Deep in the woods, lives beasts, so be aware; Though all are to be scared, of the one, a demon, deep deep in the woods, coming out to play. Lets go have fun with our little friend. Creeping quietly across the branches. 

Children laughing, having fun, and eating their sweets. But we wait to see who will get the last laugh tonight. As teens scare the children, The beast will scare them. The beast, moving slick across the street, climbing on lamp posts, rooftops and even gutters. 

The beast, breathing slowly staring that the children that stare back at it. The smile grows and the childrens tears grow back. “Come hither,” A distorted voice creeps from out the smile, and to the children’s ears. But they weep no more, nor do they breathe again. Blood, slowly drips from it’s smile, the smile creeps away, along with the beast itself. The beast stares down onto the neighborhood, standing brodly, head tilted, blood dripping.




{Eheeeehhh… Yeah, here we are for the 3rd week of the communications blogging week!} So I decided to write about my art, why not? Get some spooky vibes, y’know? I did make it short, but I think it’s good enough, right?


I drew this using IBIS Paint X, from my Ipad! It took me about- 6 hours? Yep, 6 hours! Though I think that time was worth it, I love how it turned out!


M’s ditchin’ Peace!


(And happy halloween!)

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  1. M –

    That’s a really creep story, but that slanted head creature is iwildly ghoulish. Thanks for sharing your art with the world. Is Tortle your artist signature? If so, why did you choose Tortle?

    I’ll look forward to your next post. Happy Halloween!
    Mrs. Rombach

    • Heyyyy Mrs. Rombach,

      It is my signature, it actually says “Totzoi” My social media users. I’m glad you like my spoopy story! Heh, and thanks for commenting your opinion about it!


      • M – Thanks for clarifying. I’m wearing my glasses tonight while I’m typing, so my vision is worlds better. I can actually make out every letter, and I don’t have to guess. HA HA

        Thanks for keeping up with the blogging challenge. I’m checking in to confirm that you submitted this post to the Student Blogging Challenge Google Form. I posted a link on the class website. You’ll see it at the top of the home page. Remember to click on your post’s title to generate the correct URL. Then, copy and paste it into the Google form. The “Fun with Photos” form stays open through Wednesday. We want lots of visitors, so it’s important to let everyone know you completed the challenge. By submitting your weekly post, you’re added to the list for the week. That’s how students, teachers, and the official commenters. find you. Sound good?

        This week, we’ll add a cute little animal to our blog sidebars. I wonder if you’ll choose a turtle?!

        When you have another photo to share, by all means, SHARE!

        Mrs. Rombach

    • Hi, M!

      I am a commenter for Student Blogging Challenge.

      I like your picture for “A Spookyyy Storyyy!

      What other kinds of art do you like to do? I went to a vocational high school in New York City called High School of Art and Design. I majored in fashion illustration. Do you know if there are any vocational high schools in Loudoun County?

      • Hello there Mrs. Wohlafka,

        I’m so happy you like my blog post! I feel quite validated when I get comments of people saying they like it. But to your question about the art, I do character design and scenic art, usually art of my photography.


  2. M
    Your drawing is really cool! What was your inspiration for this piece? Where did the creature come from, like what is the mythology? The design is so unique, and the face is so simple, but at the same time it looks so ominous.

    Happy spooptober!

  3. Hello Hello M. Miki hereeeeeee! I loved your spoopy tale! “M’s ditchin’ Peace!”
    Come check out my spooky freestyle poem at Milky Ways With Words!
    😀 😀

  4. Hey Emma,

    Great work on your spooky character – half fox half rabbit?

    I checked out the Ibis app and it has very good reviews. Did you make any in-app purchases? Do you use iPads in school? I am interested in what tech other schools use because I am a tech integrator at my school. I hope you are enjoying the blogging challenge. There are lots more fun activities ahead.

    Mrs. Ruffing

    • Heyo Mrs. Ruffing,

      I use my own Ipad that I bring to classes since my teachers are cool with it. I only use it when I have permission to, so I don’t get in trouble. And also I don’t need to make an in-app purchases! All you need to do is watch some short advertisement, and you’ll be able to use certain brushes for 18 hours, all Free!

      It is a very good app and I enjoy it a lot, so much freedom and fun to be done with the app.

      Oh yes! Yes I am enjoying the blogging challenge it’s so much fun and I like to see what all the other students do with the blogging challenge as well!


  5. Hi M,

    I love your story, it is very well written and your art which is very well done enhances your story. Do you write stories often? Is it a hobby of yours? I find it quite interesting and it seems quite fun to do.. do you have any tips for writing short stories?


    • Hey there Alex,

      Thank you so much for liking my art, I worked fairly hard on it. And as for your questions, I write stories when ever I’m in the mood. I guess I could consider it a hobby though I don’t do it as much as an average hobby and I do not have that many tips, I just write whatever and turn it into a story.


  6. Hey Emma, your art is really cool I love how you transformed it into a story for Halloween. I thought your story was really well written and that you described what was happening in a very interesting way. The app you used for your image sounds cool I will make sure to check it out as it could be useful because my class makes a lot of images on our devices for projects. Go check out my blog if you have the time, http://www.blog44.ca/kaiar/2019/10/31/student-blogging-challenge-week-three🎼/

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