The Lacking Experience in the Construction Industry

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The reason why I picked to use google sites is because I thought I could get my message across effectively.  I also felt that my thoughts are well organized even compared to my paper.  The visuales also help make my google site look alot more appealing than a paper.  I tried to switch to more of the student crowd because at first my essay was kind of a generalization of the whole industry.  I sent my post to Zack Clark because he is in the construction field as a young adult.  He is taking on one of the options I present, the apprenticeship option.  He is now working five days a week trying to gain as much knowledge as possible to prepare himself for becoming a superintendent on the job site.  When I moved my information from my paper to google slides I really tried to make it appealing for the student.  I put stats that proved it trade school and apprenticeships could be worth it for some young adults.  I also showed that there are many jobs in the industry that need to be filled.  This sort of served as an incentive for young adults that are not yet sure what path they want to pursue.



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Boulder Crest Retreat has opened up my eyes in a way during my internship there.  I realized what it was like for struggling veterans and their families.  The families that participate in the Family PATHH program have lots to deal with.  At first glance, you could not tell that each individual had their own struggle.  The other interns and I worked with the kids while the PATHH instructors worked with the parents.  During that week I learned from each of those kids.  To start off, I learned that I was lucky to have the family structure that I have.  My parents have pushed me to be the best that I can be all of my life.  And I am truly grateful for that.  For some families they did not have a bond anymore.  That was part of the reason why they decided to show up at Boulder Crest in the first place.  The main goal was to try and heal those family bonds.  It took a full 40 plus hour work week for that to happen.  Most of the time we were outside in the dead heat of August as well.  To this day I would not trade anything for that experience.  I met some amazing people throughout my time their as an intern and as a volunteer.  I would recommend anyone interested to give up just two hours of your day to volunteer.



World Series

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Postseason baseball is something else.  A team can shock the world. In the postseason it can come down to one game.  The two best words in sports, game seven. Teams play a 162 game regular season, and all of it can come down to one game.  Imagine the emotions that would go through your mind. After all the blood, sweat and tears all that separates you from the trophy is 9 innings.  Imagine preparing yourself for a game like that.


My favorite story of this year’s World Series is Max Sherzer’s.  When ever he got on the mound I could see the pure emotion he played with.  You could see it in his eyes, he is the ultimate competitor. When people counted him down and out, he would just fight his way back in.  The Nationals rally cry this postseason has been “stay in the fight” which Max accurately took to heart. When the news that Max would not be starting game 5 in was startling for fans to hear.  Two games later when he stepped out on that mound he left it all on the field. It was not his best outing but he kept it within striking distances for the Nationals. Once, Corban flew threw three innings and Hudson closed it out.  With huge hits from Rendon, Soto and Howie the game was over. It was truly something else to watch and I have never seen anything like it.


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There are not many places that I have been that can compare to the pure natural beauty of the Island Exuma.  Without a doubt it was the most awesome place I have been. It was worth the extra two flights it takes to get there.  We had to fly to Canada and then on to Florida to switch onto a smaller plane. The island airport was way too small to handle commercial airliners and only had two main buildings.  Once we went through costumes and got our rental cars we started for the rental house. I realized how much more of an experience it was because we were able to meet with the natives and went to different towns.  We arrived at the house to find that the other two families were there, both of which have been family friends. We were right on the beach, the water was bright blue. I have been to Florida and Mexico and both do not even come close to comparing how clear the water was. Throughout the trip I must have snorkeled over 10 or 15 times because all I had to do was walk less than 20 yards to the beach.  Halfway through the week we went on a boat excursion. It was crazy to see so many of the islands. Many famous people own their own islands with massive houses and private beaches. It is quite crazy to see. After this fall I really hope that the massive storms that have occurred did not damage the island of Exuma as well as the natural beauties of all of the Bahamas.


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In my book fall is the best season.  There is not a time of the year where you can watch football, baseball, and hockey all in the same day.  You can not beat that especially when it cools down to a temperature of about somewhere in the low 50s.  By the end of summer I do get tired of the 90 degree heat and I’m always ready to cool down.

Once November comes around, it is full blown hunting season.  Nothing beats the cool air during those early mornings, especially when it snows.  If the snow starts early in the morning, by lunch time the ground usually is covered.  People think it would be boring more than anything to sit in a tree stand for more than an hour.  That is not the case for me, anyday that you see something new is a interesting day.  Who wouldn’t want to watch a 400 pound black bear and it’s cubs sit 20 yards from where your sitting for over an hour.  It is something that some never see.  Most of the time you see animals like that behind a thick window of glass at the zoo.  It is just not the same to see what these wild animals are like in the wilderness.

Friday night football is another reason why fall is so great.  Who would not want to go watch football on a Friday night.  Most nights now are cool and the summer heat is starting to simmer down.  One day I will miss being able to stand in that student section.


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The reason most kids grow up playing sports is because of the lessons you learn.  For me I would not be who I am today without baseball.  It has taught me so many valuable lessons that I will always have for the rest of my life.  Everyone, can take away something whether you are a fan of a sports team or playing the game yourself, and I have seen it from both ends.  Any sport, not just baseball, can humble you in an instant.  It is the same when we finally finish our schooling whether it is going off to college or starting a new job.  If you do not put in the hours, minutes, and seconds into what you want someone else will be ahead of you.  Coaches always say that there is always someone competing for your spot.  The reason behind that is that he wants you to work harder and put more effort into it.  That is comparable to a teacher urging his students to study.  Their is one aspect of baseball that I think just about no other sport has.  You have to have the right mental aspect, without it you will not succeed.  You have to be mentally tough through every pitch of the game.  If you strike out, you just have to clear it from your mind before the very next pitch you see.  The similarities between life and sports is something that I think kids should go through to learn these crucial lesson that can help later on in life.

Organic Object

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After a whole weekend of sitting in my school backpack, my grapes are looking very old.  They age the same as humans do in a way. If I still had that bag of grapes they would have been reduced to mush.  By class time they were all brown and wrinkly, compared to humans it’s kind of the same way. Humans age generally pretty well compared to grapes though.  Grapes usually have a lifespan of something like a week, while on the other hand humans live for years on end. Some people try to stop their bodies from looking old. Trying to do whatever they can, yet, you can not prevent mother nature.  The way that compares to grapes is that humans try and preserve grapes and other fruit but no matter what they all will have a shelf life of less than one or two weeks. Mother nature can not be halted or averted. She controls our lives more than we know.  Other than major events like hurricanes and earthquakes, things like temperature and rain can affect our days. When grapes are on the shelf, humans are their mother nature. We control at what temperature and how long they can be on the shelf, where they come from and where they are grown.  Grapes also are all held together by a stem. Without the stem they would not be able to thrive for as long as they would normally. People also have a stem of some sort. That could be their parents or someone they are really close to. All that matters is that if they did not have their stem they could not be complete or it could feel like they were missing a piece.

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