False Advertising Research Project


I decided to share my project with my marketing teacher, Mrs. Friedman.  I did this because most companies, when falsely advertising, tend to target younger generations because they’re typically more nieve.  Mrs. Friedman could share this site with her high school students to inform them of what false advertising is, and how to watch out for it.  If these students are better informed, they’ll be able to protect themselves from it and hopefully create a smarter generation of consumers.  Because Mrs. Friedman would be sharing this with her students, I thought it would be easiest to make a google site.  By sharing the information through this forum she can put it on the screen for all students to view and even share the link with them so they can take their own time to learn about false advertising.  Also, compared to my research essay about false advertising, I made the wording simpler and easier to understand.  Because high school students most likely wouldn’t know what a lot of the business terms meant, I thought it would be best for a smooth and short read, to keep their attention.  The pictures I added were also meant to aide the information being presented.

The Last One

It’s only been two months into the school year.  We were told we would be doing blog posts for the whole year.  That’s about 9 months long.  So 27 posts? 108 comments?  That seemed like way too many in my opinion, but I do have to say, I’m almost sad it’s over.

Now I know what many of you are thinking, “What? Why? I’m glad it’s over.” and to an extent, I am.  But it was also interesting to get to know other people I don’t typically talk to.  Even the people I do talk to, I get to know them in a different way.  It’s like I’m reading their thoughts.  I also never knew some of my friends were such great writers.  Now it seems like everything is texted and abbreviated, but here we just put our thoughts out for everyone to see.  It’s taught me to be more open and not care so much about what others might think.  And the support never seems to stop.  I know that’s probably obvious, why would you criticize someone you don’t know?  But the feedback that’s given is always friendly, and the way everyone can make connections to one another is so much fun!

On the other hand though, I will not miss the late night procrastination like I’m doing now.  Granted, that probably won’t stop with other assignments, but at least this is one less thing to worry about.  It can be tedious and demanding in a way.  And there, I leave you with my last post.

“Us” review

Tomorrow is Halloween, and therefore, it is the perfect time of year to watch a horror movie.  Which is what my friends and I agreed to do this past Saturday.

As we baked cookies and carved pumpkins, we were in the perfect Halloween mood.  We then decided it was a great time to watch a scary movie.  As we sat on the couch scrolling through On Demand, we could not agree on what we wanted to watch.  Either someone had already seen the movie, it looked too scary, it seemed like it would be boring, etc. There was a plethora of reasons why we could not come to a unanimous decision.  Finally, we saw the movie “Us” and all agreed we would watch it.

The beginning of the movie was odd and confusing, but as it continued, it was easier to understand.  There were many flashbacks, so I had to keep up on whether it was the past or present, which was harder than you would think.  It also consisted of a lot of jump scares and I would not recommend it to those who are easily scared.  Although I typically fall into the category of easily being scared, it probably wasn’t worth my time to watch it.  I closed my eyes for most of the movie because I personally don’t like seeing blood.  I was also scared for the rest of the night, and considering I had to drive home on my own, it was not a fun night.

Moving Through High School

It’s weird to think that we’re now seniors.  So much has changed.  Not just the people, or the classes, but the dynamic of it all.

Beginning my freshman year, I walked through the halls and knew almost everyone.  Granted, this may have been because I had two older sisters who were a senior and junior at the time, but it was different, everyone was friends.  Now I walk through the hallways, my senior year, and there are so many faces I have never seen before.  This makes me sad in a different way.  Not just because I’m older, but I always thought it was fun saying friendly faces.  Is it the same way for the freshmen this year?  Are they able to say hi to everyone or do they only see strangers?

I hope many of them would be able to relate to my freshman year because it was helpful.  I enjoyed coming to a new school because it was so different from  middle school.  Middle school seemed to be more secluded than elementary school in my opinion.  We had our houses, which were rarely left unless it was for music, art, or p.e., which even then were still separated by grade.  Then, you come to high school where you could be the only freshman in your math class.  You’re forced to make new friends and branch out.  Next, I’ll be thinking if this will be how it is in college too- maybe just on a larger level?  I’m not sure but I am excited to find out!

High School Artifact

Most people don’t really think of a car as an important part of high school.  Or maybe they do, I’m not really sure.  Although I do have a car, that’s still not my artifact.  It’s a bright red Jeep that belongs to one of my best friends.

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, the answer always has to do with the jeep.  If one of us is sad, we take a ride and talk about it.  If we’re both in a good mood, let’s jam!  If we need to catch up, we’ll go on a long ride.  And of course, my favorite one, if we’re hungry, let’s go to Chick-fil-a!  (It’s not always if we’re hungry though, sometimes we’ll get ice cream even when we’re full!)

The red Jeep isn’t just a way to get around town but it’s more of something we share.  We have countless memories of crazy adventures and always find something fun to do.  Although I’m sure we’d have lots of fun in another car, it would be the same.  Her Jeep describes her perfectly!  The bright red always reminds me of her smile, which she is always wearing!

Although I said my artifact was the red Jeep, I did think that was something I could carry into class with me.  In replace of it, I came with a picture.  One of the countless pictures we have taken sitting in the same seats, it is still one of my favorites.  During the middle of summer, with big smiles, and ice cream in our hands.

Your College Essay Isn’t a Selfie

Being vulnerable in your college essay could be one of the best things for you.  Although vulnerability may mean something different to different people, I took it to show a side of yourself others may not know about.  Once I came up with my definition for vulnerability, it made it easier for me to understand the article.  It was very helpful and also gave me some new ideas on how I should write my essay. As I thought about the article as a whole, I realized there were a few key points that stood out to me the most.

First, I realized being vulnerable gives the college something new and different.  We’re always told that you want to write about something unique, well only you have knowledge about your own experiences.  Also, by sharing a part of you that may not be seen from just looking at your application could end up making you happier.   “I explained that when Francesca Mileo was accepted to Villanova and other great schools, she was rejected from a few Ivy League schools, which devastated her at the time. But she ended up being much happier at Villanova than she would have been in a more stressful environment” (Rodov).  This helped me realize that even if I’m not accepted into a college I really want to go to, as long as I shared something honest about myself, it’s for the best.  Lastly, I know it does not have to be the most perfect perfect piece about me.  Giving a true and honest story may be taking a risk, but at least I’m trying something new.  

Organic Object

You are so cute and petite.  Instead of being an ugly shade of green, like most vegetables, you are the perfect medium! I noticed you have a cover, why do you have a cover?  Is it your protection from the outside world? Is it your shelter? Or is it meant to keep something in? Maybe you’re trying to keep your feelings in.  I am often told it isn’t good to keep your feelings trapped inside of yourself. It’s okay though, I do the same thing. It is my life, why does everybody have to know about it?  It has become exhausting. I’d rather live my own life without others interrupting.


I’ve noticed you have a stem on the top of your head.  Is that where you were taken from your home? Maybe you were happy to go to a new place.  It’s like going off to college to do bigger and better things! Maybe your “bigger and better thing” is becoming salsa!  My mother makes the best salsa but I don’t believe she’s ever put a tomatillo in it, but hey, there’s always room to try new things!


Has anyone ever smelled you?  I think that would be really weird.  I just assume you don’t have a scent.  Maybe you do on the inside though. There is still so much I don’t know about you.  What is on the inside? And I’m not just talking about under your leaf, I mean if I were to cut your fruit open, or are you a vegetable?  I don’t really know, but that’s a debate for another time. I assume you are green or even possibly yellow on the inside.

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