Technology on Teaching

My rhetorical situation was how technology affected students and teachers, so I decided to make my new audience mostly parents, but some teachers as well.   I wanted parents to see the effect of technology on education, so I tried to implement a more formal tone. I wanted them to see how it affects teaching, and I included some about students too.  When parents see the effect on their students, they can start to see the effect on the teachers and how they teach as well. For teachers, I had hoped to emphasize effects some teachers had already felt.   I used some quotes from my research paper to provide evidence and explanations I had previously used. I changed some of my wording on my paper. I put a little more emphasis on the students than I did in my research paper.  In addition, I had started to use pronouns. For example, I wrote that education has changed for ¨your students,¨ which would stand out to parents and emphasize how technology affects every student. I had changed my tone from more research based to a formal tone with an audience.   I had changed my audience, so I needed to cater more towards parents rather than a rubric.


I absolutely cannot wait for December.  December is my favorite part of the year.  Between New York, my birthday, and Christmas, it is truly “the most wonderful time of the year.”  This December, I am going back to New York for a day for the clubs field trips. It is easily my favorite field trips.  It is almost a 24 hour a day, with getting up at 3 AM and getting home at 1 AM, but it is definitely worth it. I get to spend the day in New York with my best friends, we go to museums and on our free time, we have the best time in Times Square.  Then, I have my birthday. But neither of those are what I am really looking forward to- I am looking forward to Christmas. Christmas is easily my favorite holiday. It is the happiest time of the year. I love the cold weather. Every store I go into, they are playing Christmas music.  Everywhere I go, there are Christmas decorations all over the store. In addition, I get to decorate my house and my room with decorations and I get to put up and decorate a bunch of trees throughout my house and room. I also get to watch so many Christmas movies. My favorite part of Christmas is the time I spend with my friends.  I go ice skating and decorate cookies and gingerbread houses. We also get each other gifts. Christmas is the best time of the year because of the happiness and the spirit, and it is everywhere.

The End

I’ve reached the end.  Senior year is the end of many things.  The end of an era, the end of your childhood, sometimes the end of living at home.  I, however, find that graduating is a beginning. It is the beginning of life. I will now have options of what I want to do with my life, and I can start anything I want to start.  Most people choose the college path, but there is also the NOVA, work, and gap year path. I will finally have the option to choose the path that I want to go down. I will finally feel free to choose what I want to do.  College is centered around choosing your path and your life. I have heard that college is the best time of your life. I am not able to say if that is true, but I believe that it will be a good time in my life, even if it is not the best.  I will no longer feel the pressure of high school. I am still scared for what is to come for me, but I think I am ready for the life change.

I definitely will reminisce about some of the times that I had in high school.  I will always remember the times I had with my friends. I will never forget the memories of every single dance, and how much fun it was to dress up and dance with great friends I will never forget.  I will always appreciate the spirit weeks and how I would actually dress up and get excited over them. I will never forget the swim team, and the times we would go to McDonald’s or iHop after meets and practices just to celebrate.  I will also always remember FCCLA. FCCLA was my favorite club, and I cherish the trips we went on together. New York and Virginia Beach were some of my favorite high school memories.  

I will always look back onto high school fondly, but I am excited and ready to be able to move on.

Organic Object College Girl Advertisement

Ladies.  You all go to the beach during the year.  Who doesn’t love going tanning or walking by the ocean?  What happens when you stay out long?  Or maybe forget to put on any sunscreen?  You end up with a nasty sunburn.  A huge red spot right on your arm.  It is painful too.  How could you possibly get rid of it?  That is where the magical aloe comes in.  It is simple.  All you have to do is apply it on the burn.  It only takes a few days.  Just like magic, your burn will disappear.  No more pain, and no more red spots.  All you need is to buy the aloe from your local grocery store!

Vulnerability in College Essays

I think that being vulnerable can be a good thing.  It allows colleges to learn more about the real person and not just about how qualified they are to go to college.  It allows colleges to pick people with different backgrounds, stories, and struggles.  There is a lot of pressure on young people to be “perfect” and have many well-rounded aspects and things that they do.  Students should also show other aspects of their lives, and show how they aren’t perfect and how not everything goes well,  and that they are just a person.

High School Memory

It hits April again.  One of my favorite times of the school year.  Thursday morning, me, my best friend, and my club members board the bus.  Onto Virginia Beach!  It is a crazy four days.  We get up early every day for a conference of some sort.  Friday is our big competition day.  We send our competitors off with their leadership projects with their leadership projects.  We spend a free day on Saturday and we visit the beach and the boardwalk as we please.  Our club shares laughs and fun food runs together.  My photo represents my favorite aspects of the club that has brought me so much.

Organic Object Assignment

Writing about an organic object took me off guard on the first day.  It was something new and something I have never done before. I was a little taken aback because usually the only thing I would write were research papers.  It helped me to have to figure out a different way of writing. I used a lot of repetition while talking to my object. I would use repetition with the words “you” and “where.”  My diction towards the fruit was mostly questioning. I also was observant by stating the obvious things about my fruit.  

Hello aloe.  You are green and tall, and lots of prickles on the sides.  Why are you so prickly?. You look like you came from the desert, like a cactus.  You are exactly like a cactus. You have a liquid inside of you, however instead of a cactus, it is used as a lotion to heal people. It is like magic!  You could be a distant cousin.

 Or it looks like you have teeth.  Where did it come from? Where did you come from?  Do you grow from a tree or from the ground? You are very sharp from the sides of you. It looks like you have teeth.  What are you protecting yourself from?  

Why are you so tall?  You are similar to something I would see in the Wicked Witch of the West’s castle.  Exactly like the type of plant that she would grow if she had a garden. It would grow all around the sides of her castle and protect her from Dorothy.  Maybe if she had used plants like you she could have won.  

 This is where we say goodbye.  It was a pleasure interrogating you.  Goodbye aloe. 

Repetition in Writing Readings A06 and A07

After reading the two readings, I understand that repetition is one of the most important concepts in writing.  It is important to repeat things for impact. In the first passage, it states “an experienced writer, however, repeats his key words deliberately; he reiterates phrases for impact, his ideas form patterns and his nouns reflect order.” It makes any paper flow more, and helps put emphasis.  I did not understand that repetition is one of the key components for any paper. It keeps words organized, and helps readers understand what the most important things to take from the readings. When used correctly, it is one of the most important tools in writing. Now that I understand repetition completely, I understand that repetition can be powerful, and it is something I should utilize more in my writing.

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