Netflix has ruined their app/site, there is no good shows to watch on Netflix right now, they keep trying to add new shows that are just boring and not interesting to watch. If you are looking for a new show to watch, I recommend using Hulu because they have shows like Brooklyn Nine Nine, Drake and Josh, and other shows.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine is a Netflix show, not available in US Netflix but can watch on Hulu, about a police department. They investigate crimes but the show is more comedy then it is detective work. The main character are really funny and they say a lot of jokes. Each episode is 20 minutes and there is 20 episodes per season making it really easy to bing. I rate this show 10/10

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All American

All American is a Netflix show about a teenager that gets an opportunity to leave the hood and play football for a fancier school. Spencer has to protect his brother from gangs and help provide for the family while continuing to play football. He also wants to pursue his dreams in being in the NFL. This show is super interesting and can always surprise you. There is currently only one season on Netflix and the next one coming soon. I definitely recommend watching this show. I give this show a 10/10 because the acting in the show is really good.


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