Coraline is cartoon movie that is on Netflix. It is about a family that movies to a new old house. The coraline’s parents are really busy and don’t really pay any attention to her. She finds out that there is another denominations with her parents but their eyes are sewn with buttons and they give her the life that she wants but then after a while they ask her to sew buttons on her eyes but she doesn’t and she tries to go back to her old house but her parents have gone missing. She tries to find them has to fight the other mother to get them back. This movie isn’t really that good and I would give it a 5/10 stars. Image result for coraline

Bird box (spoilers included)

Bird Box is a movie that was released on Netflix starring Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes. This movie was released in December and it became really popular overnight. The concept of bird box is that the world gets taken over by mysterious creatures that take the form of your worst fear. This movie keeps you trying to guess what happens next and keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times. However the producers of Bird Box left a lot of details out that left a bunch of people really confused and having questions like what happened to Felix and Lucy? Why can birds detect when the creatures are around? Why can the ill can see the creatures, while the others die if they do? All these questions were left unanswered. I give this movie a 8.9/10 and I definitely recommend to watch this movie.

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The 100

The show 100 is about one hundred teenage prisoners that between the ages of 12-16. They get sent down to the earth after the humanity was wiped out because of a nuclear war. They were being used to see if the ground was livable again because they were running out room in the spacecraft they were on. On the way down they encounter many different problems such as the grounders and the mountain people. This show is very gruesome & violent with a lot of blood, so if you find blood disgusting… this is not the show for you. I give this show a 8/10 stars.

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