The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This show is about a half witch and half mortal girl that lives in Greendale, yes its the city that is beside Riverdale. She has to figure out whether she wants to take the path of light and be with the mortals and go to a normal high school or take the path of dark and join the other witches & be a child of satan. There is a lot of drama involved in with this show. This show only has one season out so far on Netflix, each episode is about 50 minutes to an hour. There is currently 10 episodes out. I give this show a total of 9.3 out of 10 stars!

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*fun fact* Netflix is facing 50 million dollar sue because of this show!

The Fosters

The Fosters is about a family that opens their home and foster children that need a home. They foster and adopt a total of four children. However in total they have five kids because one of the kids came from one of the mom’s past relationship. This show has a total of five seasons, each episode is 40-48 minutes long. It is really easy to get attached to this show and I recommend watching it if you want to learn more about foster care and all the problems with it. I give this show 7 stars out of 10 because it was fun watching it but it definitely wasn’t the best show on Netflix.


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One of the best shows, in my opinion, on Netflix is FRIENDS. If you are looking for a quick laugh this is the definitely  show for you! Each episode is about 22 minutes long and it is a really good show to watch if you want to bing watch a show as there is a good 10 seasons. The show is about six people that are completely different in personalities become friends. The actors in this show are one of the best, and really make the show very addictive and make you eager to just sit and watch the next episode. The humor in this show is also great, a lot of the jokes that they say are funny and a lot of them are just insulting each other and are probably the cheesiest jokes you have ever heard but that is what makes the show 100 times better. I give this show a 10 out of 10 stars.


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