Using a New Genre to Reach a New Audience

In my new genre, the primary audience is parents. Specifically, parents of non-immigrant students who are currently enrolled in the public school system. I sent my Google site to Mrs. Cass, a parent of one child who attends elementary school and two other children who attend a public daycare center. In the particular area for which they reside, her children are the minority group. I thought this information to be useful in her current situation. Both in helping her children adjust along with being aware of the immigrant students potential for limited resources. Separate from my research paper, I adjusted my audience to encompass all parents in an attempt to inform and persuade. My initial content included broad information and general facts on immigrant students in the public school system. It was not designed to draw the attention of a specific audience. I chose to alter my initial research to target the attention of parents. Specifically, how they can help with the transition of immigrant students. In addition, I included distinct examples such as the purchase of additional school supplies. I found the Google site to be the clearest form of communication. Moreover, it is an excellent platform to disseminate the content to a wider audience. It is easy to navigate and understand the importance of the issue.

Getting my 3rd and 4th Tattoo

After I got my first two tattoos last summer, I immediately wanted more. Finally came my 18th birthday. I’d be able to get another one without having to wait on my parents. I told my mother months before my birthday that I had wanted another tattoo as my present. I sent her pictures for weeks of designs that I really liked. The time finally came. It was the week of my birthday and I asked my mom to schedule an appointment while I was at school. She texted me to notify me that my appointment had been scheduled. I was more than ecstatic and I would spend the remainder of the week deciding what I wanted to get and where. It was time, I drove to the tattoo parlor with my boyfriend, me smiling the whole ride there. We had arrived and my mother soon after. I could feel the anticipation in my stomach as we walked up the long staircase of wooden steps. The employees were very friendly as we walked in but I knew they wouldn’t be happy if I, someone with a very low pain tolerance, acted like a baby. I put my toughest face forward as to not draw any suspicion. I didn’t feel nervous until my boyfriend sat in the big, uncomfortable, black tattooing chair. He went first because I was still having doubts about where I wanted to place one of my tattoos; yes I got two again and at the same time. I switched the placement at the last second as he called me over to the chair. Seeing my boyfriend’s reaction put some worry in me but I wouldn’t let it show. I sat down and through some jokes out mostly to distract myself. The first tattoo felt as if I was in the chair for an hour when in reality it was only about twenty minutes. I felt every line he drew; it wasn’t necessarily painful but just extremely uncomfortable. After that I was ready to get some ice cream. I even tossed a small statement out, “You know, we don’t even have to do the second one.” Although I laughed, I was very serious, but they didn’t get the message. I suffered through the second one and then I was finally done. It hurt but I had something that I wanted for forever so I was happy.

Joker analysis (SPOILERS!!!)

If you didn’t read the title, this is an analysis of the movie Joker.

The 2019 movie, Joker, has a more dark satirical take on the iconic Batman villain, starring Joaquin Phoenix. The character has been portrayed on screen by Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Mark Hamill, so there are many different versions to refer to. In this film, the character is the protagonist instead of the antagonist he usually plays, so we get to see the character from a completely different light. Instead of seeing him as the villain, we saw society push him into insanity. The movie portrayed mental illness in various forms, from the progression of the Jokers illness to the long lasting effects of his mother’s mental instabilities that led to his descent into madness. The movie displayed a realistic look into the factors responsible for the forming on what we learned about the Joker. For example, societies mistreatment towards the Joker during his adolescent years. Along with the hatred towards the disability he grew to have. This torture sadly progressed throughout the longevity of his life until the climax of the movie. This part in the movie was a controversial scene due to the fact that the Joker had planned to kill himself on live TV after he would proclaim societies problems but instead turned the gun on the hoste of the show and incited riots. The Joker is then arrested, while driving through the haste, he is hit which in turn aids his freedom. He stands on the cop car in a triumph of delusion.

Perspective of the object

Dear Diary,

Some random lady plucked me from my home today. One minute I was just minding my own business then I was in the hands of another. I don’t know where I’m going. I’m scared. I need to get out of here. Now I am in some sort of clear bag, it’s hard to breath. I feel my days are numbered. I BELONG WITH THE OTHER MINI PICKLED CUCUMBERS! I am in some sort of moving metal mobile. I don’t know where I am going. It seems as though we have stopped. The lady is getting out. Oh no, she’s taking me with her. Where am I going? I am in a house it seems. She puts me on a desk. A lot of time goes by while I just sit on this desk. I think she is going to sleep now. Now I have to wait. I can’t tell time so let’s just say its been a long time. She is now awake. She puts me in some big black bag. I can’t see anything. Its cramped in here. She then takes me out of the bag and puts me on a desk. This time it’s a different, smaller desk. Its wooden and cold. There are a lot of people around, faces I’ve never seen before. Now she gets out a book and stares at me for a while until she picks up her pencil and starts to write in the book. After she’s done writing she picks me up and puts me back in the big black bag….. It has been days since I was first put in this bag. I think she forgot about me. Will I die in this lonely bag?

A fall to Remember

I was sitting inside on a calm Sunday morning. My brother and mother were convening in the garage. I decided to go downstairs and join them. They were talking about a subject that I was not interested in so I grabbed my brand new skateboard and decided to go for a quick spin down the street. For some odd reason I felt overly confident. I am usually very timid about “dangerous” activities such as this one. But this time was different. As I walked down my driveway, I saw two people, a young woman and a younger male. The woman was jogging and videotaping herself. The boy was following behind looking embarrassed of her. They didn’t speak to one another but I sort of  knew that they were familiar with one another. As they passed, I walked out into the street and placed my board down. When they were far enough not to watch me, I stepped on the board and started to roll down the street. The wind in my face felt amazing, I was happy and enjoying life. As I started to reach the bottom of the hill, I noticed the board was shaking. I knew something wasn’t right so I decided to jump off. As an amateur, I was not aware that you were not supposed to do that. I jumped off the moving board and tumbled forward. I put my hands out in front of me to catch my fall but that did nothing. I fell forward onto my arm and knee. I quickly bounced around to sit on my butt. I sat there for a second chuckling because of the mistake I had just made. As I was sitting in the street, the young man from before slowly walked up to me. He asked if I was ok and then we had a quick conversation before I started my way back home. That was a very terrifying moment but a good lesson for a beginner like me.


Having two older siblings gave me exposure into the college process much earlier than most. I frequently went on college visits which gave me an idea of what I should expect when the time came for me to begin my college search. College visits also allowed me to determine what was important to me in my college. Going into my senior year, I already had my mind made up on which college I wanted to attend. For the last four years, my goal was to attend a well known Virginia university. Though after more college visits, both in state and a few out of state, to my surprise I found a school I liked more. My original school is now a close second but the new school of choice has so many things that are appealing to me. It’s also in Virginia but muh smaller, newer, close to the beach, lots of nearby amenities and not too far from home. I am glad I had the opportunity to visit so many schools to make sure I was choosing the best fit for me. In the beginning I was close minded and set on one school, the first school I ever visited. I learned over many college visits to never settle for the first thing you see. There are so many better options out there just waiting to be seen. I never thought I’d open my horizons but after careful consideration I found my dream school. I can only hope, that with all I’ve done, I’ll get accepted.

Organic Object

Everyone has different identities, or different aspects of oneself that they display at different times- for different situations or for different people. For instance, I act differently around my friends than I do when I’m around my family. Everyone has a facade. It is also interesting that when people are removed from their roots, they either flourish or decay. Just like the mini pickled cucumber that I chose to observe in class. After a couple days of being pulled from its roots and being held in the wrong environment, the cucumber started to decay. Other objects could flourish, like the marigold flower I pulled from the roots. I also noticed that the mini pickled cucumber had many different textures and moods. To people, that can be translated as having different moods or different personalities that define who they are. The environment people grow up in defines who they are and more importantly, if they will flourish or decay when plucked from their natural environment. For example, will you succeed or fail when going off to college for the first time. This example is relevant because it would be the first time someone would be on their own, out of what’s natural for them. It is also intriguing to see how they will adapt. This transition is known to be a stressful time for many. Will you break under the pressure? Will you flourish or fail? What defines you? A person’s personality can aid them tremendously in life. In school, work, and sports is where people show what their true nature is. Will you flourish like a flower in the streaming sun or will you decay like an ice cream in the sizzling summer heat?