Restaurant Food Safety

I chose to make a google site to turn my research paper into a different genre. I thought this was the best option because it is a professional form of presentation and it flowed really well with the information I used from my research paper. With the site I tried to make all the information flow as much as possible. I tried to make it like a presentation on powerpoint, in a sense. It was difficult putting the information from a research paper into a presentation because with a presentation you don’t want too many words on the page. To solve this problem I had to cut down the information from my paper to only the most important points, so I could get the message across quickly and effectively.

I shared the google site with a customer of my mom. My mom was the person I interviewed and since she works closely with so many restaurant managers and owners, it was an easy choice. The information presented in my google site is mostly about the correct way to keep a restaurant free of foodborne illnesses and also contains a little information on a common foodborne illness, E. coli. This information could benefit any restaurant owner that reads it. Hopefully the information on the site can educate my moms client in a beneficial way. My goal with this site is to make an impact in the fight to master restaurant food safety even if it takes one restaurant at a time.

The World Series

I’ve never been much of a baseball fan. But when the Nationals, the hometown team, were competing to win the World Series, I felt like I needed to experience. It’s not even that I’m a fan of the Nationals, I won’t claim that, I’m not going to join the bandwagon at the best period in their franchises history. I just feel like it is the coolest thing that a whole city can have so much energy from a local sports team. It’s amazing what sports can do.

With all this excitement surging throughout the school and from everyone I talk to, it gives me a passion to watch baseball like I’ve never felt before. Ever since the Nationals made it to the World Series I have actually been excited to go home and watch a baseball game on TV. I would have never thought that I would be excited to watch a baseball game on TV but here I am. I am sitting here watching Game 7 of the World Series for the first time in my life.

Another thought comes to my head with the Nationals being so popular at the moment. The concept of a “bandwagon fan”. I see myself calling a lot of my peers that phrase when they start to root for a team they have never showed any attachment to before. But the phrase “bandwagon” in this instance is kind of flexible. Anyone who is rooting for the Nationals is not really a bandwagon, we live here. Why wouldn’t we be able to root for the Nats? It’s our hometown team.

Senior Night

It is crazy to think that my final home game playing football is tonight.

I still remember coming in for my first interest meeting, summer workout, and practice as a freshman. It all went by so fast. Coming in freshman year I was so excited to play football for a high school team. I had played tackle football for 4 years prior to high school and I was beyond ready to play for something bigger than a small little league trophy. My freshman teammates had the exact same feelings as me. We were so excited to play with each other for the first time, even though we had no idea what the future held. All we ever focused on was playing football for this school.

Looking back on that freshman season makes me realize how much has changed. Our head coach left to be an Athletic Director at Handley before my junior year. Plus, many other coaches left with him. Due to this change, players left to give themselves a better opportunity to play college ball at a new school. With these challenges our football team hasn’t seen the most success. And these struggles to win have ultimately led to a lot of seniors on the team, including myself, to lose our passion for football. It makes me wonder what could’ve been if these changes didn’t happen. I find myself asking: “Where would I be right now if my football experience went a different way?”. It’s sad that I have to think like this but it really is the most puzzling thing on my mind. Because before my freshman season, my feelings about playing football at this school, were nothing like my feelings are now. I really wish it could’ve ended a different way.

Hershey Kiss vs. Starburst

These candies have very different tastes. One has a very fruity, exciting taste and the other is a rich chocolatey sensation. One is very chewy and lasts for a long time with a punch of fruity flavor and the other has a slow melting texture that seems to dissolve into a milky warm feeling. But even with these differing flavors and textures they both have a common purpose. Their purpose is to provide joy to those that eat them. They have differing wrappers as well. One is a silver tinfoil-like wrapper that complements the chocolatey aesthetic perfectly. It has a paper sticking out of it that repeats the name of the candy: “kisses”. This name has always puzzled me. Why would they name a candy after a human interaction? Was this really the best thing they could think of, why couldn’t they have named it something chocolate related, or related it to the triangle shape of the chocolate? The starburst on the other hand has a wrapper that is wax paper. It is colorful, based on whatever flavor you are eating and gives you a fruity feeling even before you out the candy in your mouth. I feel like the name of the starburst, unlike the hershey kiss, has a descriptive name. It gives the person a description of what this fruity sensation will taste like. It’s a burst of fruity flavor that makes the person eating it feel vibrant and excited, just like what the wrapper and name suggests.


Football has always been a big part of my life, whether it was playing every Friday or Saturday in season or training for the fall in the offseason it was always there. It has given me so many friends that I can count on and has taught me so many lessons on how to succeed in life. It has helped me grow into the person I am today.

Since football has been such a big part of my life it is so strange to think that I won’t be playing next fall. I have been playing football constantly since I was in 4th grade and for the longest time I was determined to play for as long as I could. I wanted to make a career out of the game I loved and for the longest time, no one could change my mind. However those childhood dreams soon faded away. Being realistic I knew that the odds were against me to be a professional football player, so that dream of playing in the NFL was lost in my childhood.

Although my dreams of playing in the NFL were gone, I still wanted to play in college. During my entire high school career my goal was to get that first offer from any school that gave me the opportunity. But when I got that first offer I was already in the summer before my senior year and I was sort of skeptical on whether I wanted to continue playing football after high school.

I recently chose to step away from football after this year and it really was the hardest decision of my life. But even though I’m stepping away from the sport I love I’ll always be grateful that I had the opportunity to play.

Your College Essay Isn’t a Selfie

This piece on writing a college essay brought up some great points about showing vulnerability

Thinking about writing with vulnerability is very nerve racking. I never want to show myself failing in my life because I feel like I’m expected to be the perfect student, with perfect test scores, and a perfect GPA. But by showing vulnerability I feel like I can set myself apart from the rest of the students applying to the school I am applying to.

When writing a college essay you need to show a side of you that can’t be shown through a GPA or test score. You want to show the college that as well as a student you are a person who has failed, but grown from those failures. This is such a scary idea to so many teenagers because in today’s school system and college application process we as students are expected to be perfect. And although this image of the perfect student is put into our heads, showing vulnerability in a college essay is a valuable aspect of our applications. Vulnerability shows struggle, and as bad as that may sound, struggle shows the college that you have grown as a student and will keep growing throughout college and the rest of your life.

Sharing these events is always hard for people to do, but by sharing these stories of failure it sets an essay apart from the rest. Showing a college that you have overcome struggle or adversity is important to set yourself apart.

Organic Object – Asparagus

Dear asparagus, I do not enjoy you. I do not enjoy your long dull green body, with triangle shaped stems all the way up to the dark green head. The head sort of reminds me of a flower before it blooms. I do not enjoy how you look almost as unpleasant as you taste. The head on the other hand is not as unpleasant. It is a darker green and it is the only section I eat when my mom cooks it for dinner. But regardless of what section I am describing I would never choose you to eat. There are many vegetables that are better.

For some reason my mom uses asparagus as the vegetable for a lot of her meals. Why should I have to eat such an unpleasant food when I could eat broccoli or any other vegetable for that matter? You will always be the vegetable I never want to eat, and the downside of my mother’s cooking. I do not enjoy you, asparagus.

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