Medical Recruitment

I sent my Google site to my sister and some of her friends. She is a sophomore in college and will be declaring her major by the end of the semester, as will her friends. Since a website is easy to access and easy to read, this was a good form of communication because it allows them to find it and read it without having to do anything complicated. As well, Google sites can be viewed on phones, which makes it much easier because I can just send the link to the website and they can view it. I added bullet points and used columns on some of the pages to format because it was visually appealing and made the text easier to absorb. I changed my research paper’s text in order to make it less formal and make it easier to comprehend in a relatively short amount of time. I also broke up the text into bullet points and in some cases, incomplete sentences, so that it would overall be easier to read, as well as changing the diction to be more informal. I also put the “call-to-action” on the homepage of my site, designed to pull people in to figure out why they should become doctors, or at least consider the profession.

The Last One

I honestly cannot believe that the first quarter is almost over. It seems like it is the end of perhaps my freshman year first quarter, and that I have just begun my journey. However, it is nearly over. All my years of high school have been spent wanting to leave, wanting the future, but now that I am on the brink of the future, I wish I could go back, back even to elementary school before things got so complicated and I didn’t even have to know what taxes were, or when I was going to get service hours for NHS, or how I was going to get to work. The two things I cared about timewise were my birthday and Christmas. It is a common experience, waking up one day and wondering where time went, but I know where the time went, for me it is the question of how it went by so quickly.

Throughout my years of high school I have realized a few things about myself, which sounds sappy and cliche, but it is true and I believe we all have. One of those things is that I am an incredibly impatient person. I walk quickly, I talk quickly, I read quickly, I eat quickly…There is no limit to the things that I do quickly (except maybe math) because I think that the time you spend going slow when you could be going fast is wasted. I have always been impatient waiting for the next weekend or for the end of the year, and of course for the end of the four years I have spent here. But I have found that the more you are trying to slow down time, the faster it goes. Have you ever noticed how when you are studying for a test it is five o’clock and then you look up after studying one page of notes and it’s already 9? As we get more and more responsible for our choices and our lives, I believe it will only go faster. The years you spend in college whether you get a Bachelor’s (3-4 years) or a M.D. (7-8 years total) will go by so fast that it’s no wonder that all these adults are telling us to enjoy the present.

Kisses vs. Starburst

The Hershey Kisses are quite different from the Starburst at first glance. The Kisses are wrapped in a shiny foil with a small paper scarf while the Starburst are wrapped in a simple solid color, corresponding to the flavor of the candy. There is a metaphorical divide between people who like fruity flavored candy and those who strongly prefer chocolate flavors. This is a difference that separates them in the minds of the masses.

If you look deeper though, the two candies are actually quite similar. They both come individually wrapped, both bring joy and a sweet treat, and both have multiple flavors from which you can choose.

Even if you are more of a fruity candy type of person, you may still enjoy Hershey Kisses in the white chocolate flavors because they are a bit lighter than normal chocolate. Hershey also has many “swirled” flavors. so you essentially get the best of both worlds. This is not so with the Starburst candies. Imagine a chocolate covered Starburst…it probably would not be the most popular candy. But maybe Hershey Kisses are only so universal because they are from a long-standing, overhyped brand. After all, there is no “Starburst Park.”

Each individual candy has its distinct pros and cons. For example, Starburst are normally given out at Halloween, or consumed only if the person has an affinity for them while Hershey Kisses are used at all other holidays and are normally the candy that people have in a small bowl on their foyer table. This shows that Hershey Kisses are a much more popular candy, though it may not be due to people actually enjoying them, it may only be due to advertising and packaging.

Thoughts on Slowing Down

One of the readings that I read was entitled “On Slowing Down”. I thought that the title was interesting, but I was unsure of how exactly it would connect to the story. As I read it, I immediately related to all of the things that Collins said about how everyone keeps trying to go faster. I cannot stand being unproductive, and as a result I am always trying to get everything done all in the same day. It is taxing at times, and not always satisfying, as Collins suggests.

Imagine not having any responsibilities, any reason to be anywhere on time. No deadlines, no expectations, nothing. Life would be so boring! I think that a lot of what keeps us going is the constant pressure of trying to balance and maintain a certain standard of excellence in all aspects of our lives. If we were not juggling work, school, friends, sports, clubs, and a somewhat consistent sleep schedule, we would not know what to do with ourselves. At times, all we want to do is to slow down and to have that time to relax, but after a while, it becomes old, and we desire something new. This phenomenon reminds me of the quote “without pain how could we know joy?” because really, if we did not know stress and pressure, how could we know how good it feels to relax? This is what motivates us to finish things, and to do them well such that we do not have to deal with negative consequences.

High School Artifact

For the artifact assignment, I brought Aly Raisman’s book Fierce. If you don’t already know, Aly Raisman is a 2-time Olympic gymnast, who faced many tribulations over the years. I first read this book last year, and I immediately loved it. The message that she preaches is something so profound, and something that we need more of in the world today. It is a message of perseverance, of positivity, of self-love. I used to do gymnastics, so much of the jargon used in the book was easy to understand; however, Aly almost always included a short description of what each semi-difficult word meant. This shows inclusivity and equality. All the stories detailed can be linked to some sort of greater idea or theme that makes you want to be a better person.

Even though this may seem like I am reading too much into the book, there is really no right amount of interpretation. Everyone reads and understands things differently, and this is no different. Fierce is my high school artifact because I believe that as I have progressed through high school, I have begun to approach life in the same way as expressed in the book. It may not be for everyone, but for me, it is something I will go back and read multiple times, even though I already know what happens. I continue to be inspired by it and the underlying themes of the book. As I continue to grow up, I hope that I continue to progress in a similar way to how I have thus far, because that means I will always be improving in some way, which is, to me, the best way to live your life.

An Essay is Not a Selfie

Selfies that are posted are usually the best versions of ourselves. They have made the cut, so to speak, and we feel comfortable showing it to the world. Whether it is the lighting, or just certain features, there is something about that picture that makes it good. An essay is usually like a selfie, we make drafts and revise and incorporate certain mechanics to make it worthy of turning in–not unlike posting a selfie. However, most people know that this is not what you actually look like on the daily. College admissions officers and high school english teachers all know that this is a perfected version, one that is designed to be without faults. This will earn you the “A” but maybe not admission into your favorite college.

Seeing an imperfect picture on your social media pages can be refreshing. It usually has some sort of deep, inspiring, thought provoking caption that makes you question why you care so much about being perfect. Authoring an essay in this fashion can be refreshing and show your experience and almost prove that it is not fake. No one would write an essay about their faults if it wasn’t true. This catches the attention of the reader of the essay, and though it should probably be nearly perfect syntax and grammar-wise, the content does not have to reflect your proudest moment.

While they should be something you are proud of, essays do not have to be perfect. Having that relatable, embarrassing, or tragic moment can make the difference between a good and a great essay. I personally feel that writing about something bad can be easier, simply because you will always be able to explain your takeaway from it. This is not always so with a bright, shiny, perfect essay. Sometimes, it can increase the chance of standing out and showing a facet of your personality to write an essay on an uncommon topic.

Organic Object Assignment

     Nature reflects real life. In this case, the aloe vera leaf represents our personalities. The spikes along each edge are the barriers that we put up to keep parts of us “safe” from people who we do not know well enough to share that information with. The color as well is a soothing green. This makes it “pretty” and were it a person; approachable. It quite literally is a double edged sword, but if cared for and handled properly can help and not hurt. 

     The bottom of the leaf has been sealed off from the outside elements, almost like a cauterized wound. It was ripped from the rest of its plant, its hypothetical comfort zone, and it has healed itself and adapted to its new surroundings. This happens with people quite often too. Most of the trauma experienced leads to some adaptation of the new surroundings, which is how people grow. 

     The leaf also appears soft and squishy, when it is in fact quite firm. This shows that you cannot judge one based on looks alone, and that the reality may even be the exact opposite of what you expected. Many people say this about books: “don’t judge a book by its cover” though that is the first thing we see. Walking through the supermarket, an aloe leaf would most likely not be the first choice of food, due to its surly appearance. Bananas have a similar color when unripe, and while it has a slightly different shape, an aloe plant would likely be as appealing as a banana if it did not have the shark-like “teeth” protecting itself.