I chose to use a google site to portray my thoughts on psychology to a new audience. I sent this site to a friend of mine who I thought could use some help. I spoke about modern psychology and the way people get help. In my mind there are two sides to psychology. People who believe taking antidepressants are the way to go and people who think that talk therapy is more beneficial. I am a believer in talk therapy because I believe meds only help someone for the short run while talk therapy prepares someone for the struggles that are bound to happen in life. The audience changed my genre because it caused me to have to explain things differently. I attempted to word things differently so that it didn’t sound like I was just explaining psychology, but made it seem like I was right next to the person when they were reading it, explaining it so that the person could really understand how I felt about the topic and why I wanted them to feel that way. I paraphrased chunks of my research paper to seem more understanding and integrated quotes in a different type of way to portray a slightly different viewpoint. Psychology, and more specifically talk therapy, is a great way for someone to get their heads up and start the journey to improving their life.

First Quarter Reflection

This quarter has gone by in a blur. I vividly remember waking up that August morning and not believing that I was about to drive to school. It was one of those things that you don’t want to believe. You keep telling yourself, “this is not happening, this is not happening” but it unfortunately was. I ended up driving to school that fateful morning, and was introduced to my teachers and classmates. I soon got into that monotonous rhythm of school. Wake up, go to school, go home, do homework, and go to bed. Hanging out with my friends on weekends and going to volleyball and football games definitely helps though. It makes at least some part of school more fun and enjoyable. Although, my senioritis set in extremely quickly. Studying and doing homework has become harder than ever and way easier to procrastinate. I’ve had a lot of practice over the past few years. Fortunately, my workload has surprisingly been minimal. I rarely have B-day homework and the occasional A-day homework. I even haven’t had to study that much all year! A lot of my grades have been dependent on the homework, small projects, and essays. For example, in Dual Enrollment English we have only had one quiz all year and our grade has been based on homework, a project, and an essay we wrote. It’s much different than any other English class I have been in. This quarter has been a little rough on my grades, but hopefully I can push through the senioritis and finish out the last three quarters strong.

What it Would Mean to Gain a College Education

Obtaining a college education would mean everything to me. It will help me get a job after I finish college and allow me to live happily. Also, if I attempted to play golf professionally, a college education would allow me to have something to fall back on that route didn’t work. Furthermore, I want to get a college education to make my family proud. It takes a lot of hard work to balance playing a sport and school, and I want to show them I can do it. College is going to drill into me time management and I need to take advantage of the practice. Having good time management is something I’m working on because I know it will help me later in life. 

In college I plan on studying something relating to business. I’m not sure what aspect of business I’m going to go into, but I hope I will be able to relate it to golf. My golf coach, John Ronis, has done this and used his golf and business experience to create his own golf academy. What he has done has inspired me to learn more about business and to be passionate about the things that I learn. 

Watching and learning about golf my entire life has molded me into the person I am today. The game has inspired me to always be my best and to never give up. Obtaining a college education will prepare me for adult life by providing me with knowledge, time management skills, and the assurance I can succeed in life. 


The Game of Golf

I have been around golf my whole life. I first touched a club when I was three years old. My grandfather and great uncle tell me stories about golf when they were younger. My great uncle says that my grandfather was amazing and that he would caddy for my grandpa in tournaments. I think that it’s awesome that they still have these memories 50 years later. My grandfather then passed the game down to my dad. He didn’t start playing until he was in high school, but when he did he got addicted. My dad also tells me stories about playing golf in his youth. He said he remembers sneaking out onto the golf course to get some holes in before dark and playing with my grandpa. My dad loved golf so much that he ended up playing on the club team at Penn State. He still plays regularly and enjoys the game more than ever. 

I am extremely happy that my dad so eagerly passed the game down to me. I don’t know what I would do without golf. A lot of my free time is dedicated to practicing and tournaments so I would have a ton of extra time on my hands. I started playing in tournaments when I was seven. I played in a local organization called LJGA where we only played five holes at a beat up par-3 course. LJGA had a system where as you got better, you moved up difficulty levels. Year after year I worked my way up the ladder to the highest tier. When I was 13, I grew out of the organization and started focusing on more difficult and longer tournaments like in the MAPGA. 

I have consistently played in junior tournaments my whole life and more recently started playing in amateur tournaments to experience playing against people of all ages. What inspired to do this was watching the pros. I have gone to the Quicken Loans Championship multiple times and have experienced some amazing players play. I’ve watched Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler, Nick Watney, and many more. I have also worked as a golf camp counselor. I worked at my local club and taught kids the basics of golf. It was a rewarding experience to teach kids what I have been learning for years. 

Golf is a sport that has changed my life. It has taught me that perseverance and hard work can lead me anywhere. The sport has taught me how to handle myself under intense and nerve wracking situations. All of these aspects are guaranteed to help me out later in life by solving a tough situation at a job or possibly by helping me win a PGA tournament.

Heritage Golf Poker Chip

I remember when I first got my Heritage Poker Chip freshmen year. I can vividly recall qualifying to play in the first tournament and getting the Heritage bag, hat, and shirt. I’m surprised I’m surprised  haven’t lost it because I use it so often and there are many opportunities to drop or misplace it. Four years later, I still use it at Heritage golf practices and tournaments. I even use it at my other important tournaments because it reminds me of how much better I’ve gotten over the past few years and how much better I will become. I can always hear Coach Schiffer’s words of advice in my ear, “Play the next shot, don’t get down, just make do with what you have.” He has repeatedly said these words ever since freshman year and it has definitely helped me grow. In fact, I am going to use the poker chip at my tournament this weekend. Whenever I put down the poker chip, I helps me get more calm and more comfortable, no matter where I am. Having my teammates presence with me on the course at all times reminds me of all the good times we’ve had over the past four years. I am going to continue using this poker chip in my future which will hopefully include playing on a college team. I think that having my high school with me in college will help me adapt to a totally different school and system. I am always going to look at this poker chip as a source of strength that will allow me to accomplish anything if I put my mind to it.

Heritge Golf

Golf has morphed into a large part of my life over the past years. It started out as a fun hobby but as I got to high school, I knew that it was something that I was going to continue through college and maybe even past that. A large part of my golf career has to do with Heritage Golf. As a freshman, being able to play with talented seniors helped me to become a better. Heritage golf also helped me handle my nerves and anger better. The team always competes to play in matches and it was very competitive freshman year because of the number of good players. There were seven seniors who were good so every time I played I knew it was going to matter in the long run. Luckily, freshman year I made the districts team and from there we advanced to states. The team placed second and even though it wasn’t my best week, I was glad to be there. 

The next year, without all the seniors, the team took a small step back because we weren’t as talented or experienced. Unfortunately, the team lost at districts and only two of us advanced to regionals individually. Me and another kid. Neither of us played well and didn’t move on to states. Although, after a year, the team came back and knew we were going to do better. After placing second at districts and regionals, we had the opportunity to win states for the first time in the golf team’s history. We ended up not doing well, but, my team member won individually and I placed 5th, getting All-State honors. Now, it’s my senior year and districts are coming up soon. We are hoping to get to states for the 3rd time in 4 years and finally grasp the win.


Organic Object-Rock

My organic object looks similar to the first time I observed it. The rock is a little worn down and chipped from being dropped and passed around the past couple days. The little pieces are now scattered around like dandelion seeds, going wherever earth takes them. The color of the rock still starts as a refreshing purple and slowly transitions into a bright white. Although, the colors seem to be a little duller overall. The rock’s physical appearance can be related to school. At first, students start out bright, strong, excited, you name it. But, as the days and weeks progress that brightness and excitement dies down to a dull, repeating sequence. Kids go to the same classes day after day after day and get bored. Much like the miniscule pieces of the rock being spread around, students want to be spread out. We want to experience something different, something fun. Some may not like this, they might want that boring, monotone day, but most of us want to experience something else. Every person is unique, much like my rock. It is similar to nothing else on the entire planet, it looks different, feels different, and maybe even tastes different. Rocks represent people. Whether it be a sharp or round edge, or a dark rock versus a light rock, they represent our personalities and physical appearances. Rocks are funny because we see them every day and think nothing of them, but they’re their, watching us and living out our lives, and we don’t even know it. 

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