I chose to use a google site to portray my thoughts on psychology to a new audience. I sent this site to a friend of mine who I thought could use some help. I spoke about modern psychology and the way people get help. In my mind there are two sides to psychology. People who believe taking antidepressants are the way to go and people who think that talk therapy is more beneficial. I am a believer in talk therapy because I believe meds only help someone for the short run while talk therapy prepares someone for the struggles that are bound to happen in life. The audience changed my genre because it caused me to have to explain things differently. I attempted to word things differently so that it didn’t sound like I was just explaining psychology, but made it seem like I was right next to the person when they were reading it, explaining it so that the person could really understand how I felt about the topic and why I wanted them to feel that way. I paraphrased chunks of my research paper to seem more understanding and integrated quotes in a different type of way to portray a slightly different viewpoint. Psychology, and more specifically talk therapy, is a great way for someone to get their heads up and start the journey to improving their life.