What it Would Mean to Gain a College Education

Obtaining a college education would mean everything to me. It will help me get a job after I finish college and allow me to live happily. Also, if I attempted to play golf professionally, a college education would allow me to have something to fall back on that route didn’t work. Furthermore, I want to get a college education to make my family proud. It takes a lot of hard work to balance playing a sport and school, and I want to show them I can do it. College is going to drill into me time management and I need to take advantage of the practice. Having good time management is something I’m working on because I know it will help me later in life. 

In college I plan on studying something relating to business. I’m not sure what aspect of business I’m going to go into, but I hope I will be able to relate it to golf. My golf coach, John Ronis, has done this and used his golf and business experience to create his own golf academy. What he has done has inspired me to learn more about business and to be passionate about the things that I learn. 

Watching and learning about golf my entire life has molded me into the person I am today. The game has inspired me to always be my best and to never give up. Obtaining a college education will prepare me for adult life by providing me with knowledge, time management skills, and the assurance I can succeed in life. 


8 thoughts on “What it Would Mean to Gain a College Education

  1. I really liked what you said here, Aidan. Around this time of year, a lot of teachers ask me why I want to go to college. It’s easy to be speechless in the moment and over think the answer. It’s what I’ve wanted to do my whole life, but now I seem to over complicate it. You put it in such a simple way and that’s what I really liked about it. This post was easy to relate to and a good read. I wish you the best of luck in the next years. When you go professional for golf, let me know so I can beat you on the course again.

  2. I love how you were able to elaborate on the reasons a college education means so much to you. Many people say they plan to go to college because it’s the norm, but you didn’t. I also found it interesting how you explained the ways golf has affected this.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly. A college education would mean the world to me because of the experience as well as the possibility of gaining experience in my field of interest as well as getting a taste of the real world. I also plan to study business in college as I am looking to create my own business or manage a company.

  4. I agree that a college education would mean the world to me and my family as well. The overall topic of your piece is very relatable to many high school seniors and you do an awesome job of making it relatable for everyone. It is very important to obtain a useful degree while also pursuing your dreams.

  5. Getting a college education is definitely a goal that everyone should have, even if it isn’t accomplished in the four years after high school, or in four years at all. I totally agree that getting that education (no matter which way) will help with life skills! Managing your time wisely would probably most important! I also agree that playing a sport can help mold you into the person you want to become! And like you said, getting a college education will for sure help in the long run as it will help you find a job or help further your studies in whatever you want to pursue!

  6. I also agree with you. I feel that a college education will help me out a lot in the real world, and college as a whole will also prepare me . The fact that you cover time management- one of the most important skills to have, was nice to see.

  7. Very well thought writing in which I agree with. A college education can very well help you out to prepare for the real world, it gives you hands on experiences on the different things you could face in the future. That is really cool how you are influenced by your golf coach who sort of acts in some way of a mentor who could help you get into the field of business.

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