The Game of Golf

I have been around golf my whole life. I first touched a club when I was three years old. My grandfather and great uncle tell me stories about golf when they were younger. My great uncle says that my grandfather was amazing and that he would caddy for my grandpa in tournaments. I think that it’s awesome that they still have these memories 50 years later. My grandfather then passed the game down to my dad. He didn’t start playing until he was in high school, but when he did he got addicted. My dad also tells me stories about playing golf in his youth. He said he remembers sneaking out onto the golf course to get some holes in before dark and playing with my grandpa. My dad loved golf so much that he ended up playing on the club team at Penn State. He still plays regularly and enjoys the game more than ever. 

I am extremely happy that my dad so eagerly passed the game down to me. I don’t know what I would do without golf. A lot of my free time is dedicated to practicing and tournaments so I would have a ton of extra time on my hands. I started playing in tournaments when I was seven. I played in a local organization called LJGA where we only played five holes at a beat up par-3 course. LJGA had a system where as you got better, you moved up difficulty levels. Year after year I worked my way up the ladder to the highest tier. When I was 13, I grew out of the organization and started focusing on more difficult and longer tournaments like in the MAPGA. 

I have consistently played in junior tournaments my whole life and more recently started playing in amateur tournaments to experience playing against people of all ages. What inspired to do this was watching the pros. I have gone to the Quicken Loans Championship multiple times and have experienced some amazing players play. I’ve watched Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler, Nick Watney, and many more. I have also worked as a golf camp counselor. I worked at my local club and taught kids the basics of golf. It was a rewarding experience to teach kids what I have been learning for years. 

Golf is a sport that has changed my life. It has taught me that perseverance and hard work can lead me anywhere. The sport has taught me how to handle myself under intense and nerve wracking situations. All of these aspects are guaranteed to help me out later in life by solving a tough situation at a job or possibly by helping me win a PGA tournament.

3 thoughts on “The Game of Golf

  1. Wow, Aidan golf had really made a huge impact on your life. I enjoyed how you incorporated how golf has been passed down from generation to generation in your family. Hopefully you will be successful enough for you to win a PGA tournament.

  2. I appreciate the way your dad was able to instill his passion for golf into you as well. As a friend, I know how much you care about the sport and have experienced firsthand your dedication to it. I think it is impressive how you have taken golf as a life experience that can help you in a future profession that may be unrelated. I appreciate your continued involvement in the sport and I wish you luck in the future as you go on to play in college!

  3. It is so cool how golf has been passed down through your family for generations and I would imagine for generations to come as well. I know how emotional you are about golf and this story makes it even better.

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