Heritage Golf Poker Chip

I remember when I first got my Heritage Poker Chip freshmen year. I can vividly recall qualifying to play in the first tournament and getting the Heritage bag, hat, and shirt. I’m surprised I’m surprised  haven’t lost it because I use it so often and there are many opportunities to drop or misplace it. Four years later, I still use it at Heritage golf practices and tournaments. I even use it at my other important tournaments because it reminds me of how much better I’ve gotten over the past few years and how much better I will become. I can always hear Coach Schiffer’s words of advice in my ear, “Play the next shot, don’t get down, just make do with what you have.” He has repeatedly said these words ever since freshman year and it has definitely helped me grow. In fact, I am going to use the poker chip at my tournament this weekend. Whenever I put down the poker chip, I helps me get more calm and more comfortable, no matter where I am. Having my teammates presence with me on the course at all times reminds me of all the good times we’ve had over the past four years. I am going to continue using this poker chip in my future which will hopefully include playing on a college team. I think that having my high school with me in college will help me adapt to a totally different school and system. I am always going to look at this poker chip as a source of strength that will allow me to accomplish anything if I put my mind to it.

3 thoughts on “Heritage Golf Poker Chip

  1. I’ve always wanted a good luck charm like your chip, but I lose things all the time. So good job on being able to keep track of it for this long. Have you ever lost or misplaced your chip? If so, how long did it take you to find it? Its nice to have a piece of rememberance to keep track of where you started, which I think your chip does well.

  2. I know this artifact really means something special to you because of the amount of description used throughout the passage. I vividly remember conversations between us where the golf chip has been brought up. It is quite terrific the relationship you have with such a tiny object.

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