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Info for HR’s Coworkers

As I discussed the problems human resource’s employees faced in the workplace, it dawned on me that I could use this information to educate human resources coworkers. My rhetorical situation paved the way for my word choice and diction. My Google sites page targeted ways in which the workplace can benefit from their human resources department. I changed the wording from the problems of stereotypes and lack of respect in the workplace for human resources employees and shifted it towards the ways in which workers can use their (human) resources. For example, I included a section of my Google sites to say, “They’re there for you” to remind workers that companies and business install a human resources department to achieve efficiency, friendliness, and cohesiveness in the workplace. In the tab following, I included the information, “Just like you would use any other resources in the workplace, the HR department can be just as beneficial. HR team members know the ins and outs of the workplace, and are put in the workplace to make your life easier!” to educate the workers and remind them that they have so many amazing resources at their fingertips. I really hope this website can be used my companies and business as a reminder to the selfless workers in the human resources department.



Why are people the way they are? Why do certain people come in to our life? Why do things sometimes not work out the way we want?

These are questions that have been flowing through my head today. Sometimes I don’t understand why things are the way they are. I know I am being extremely vague here – but just use your imagination. Everyone always says that people come into your life for a certain reason and up until now I have agreed with that statement. However, lately I have felt very tested by this statement. Time and time again, people have done me wrong and have hurted me when I would’ve never of hurt them. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Why? Why are these people coming into my life? I’m tired of “learning” from getting hurt. I’m tired of being the bigger person. I’m tired of having to “grow” everytime someone hurts me in my life. I just want people to treat me and care about me the way I care about them. I have a big heart – and in this world, that is tough luck.

Personally, I’m a pretty religious girl. I have always been strong because of my faith. I have always trusted that God has a plan laid out for me. However, like I said previously, I am being tested by this statement lately. I begin to wonder why God puts us through certain experiences, especially when they cause us pain. My hope is that even though I don’t understand what God is doing now, it will all make sense in the future.


A Natural High

One of my favorite activities to do is go to the gym and get a tough workout in. I am a member at the LA Fitness in Leesburg, and I try to go there as much as possible.

The gym is dangerous for me. If I do not control myself or plan my workout ahead of time, I find myself losing track of time and spending a couple hours there. There is no better feeling than the one you get after finishing a killer workout. Moreover, the atmosphere at LA Fitness is awesome. Everywhere I turn, I see individuals putting in the work and bettering themselves. Working out and lifting makes my confidence go way up because I feel so powerful.

I rotate my lifting schedule to focus on the different muscle groups. For example, one day I focus on quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Another day I will focus on chest, triceps, and shoulders. My favorite day though, is back and biceps. I think a lot of people who workout forget how important it is to train your back muscles. Your back is what keeps you up supports you, and a strong back can make you an even better athlete. Similarly, abdominals are just as important. Your abdominals are the middle of your body, and you use that muscle group in everything you do. Even though training my abdominals is by far my least favorite muscle group to train, I still make sure to set some time aside each day to train them.




Dreaming of Sleep

All the time, everyone around me is telling to “get 8 hours of sleep” or “you need more sleep” but sometimes the amount of sleep I get is out of my control. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get the tasks on my agenda done. I would love if there were about five more hours in the day so I could get everything done.

On a typical day, I wake up for school around 7:15-7:30. I get ready for school, and get there around 8:50 in the morning. School ends at 4:03 in the afternoon and I get home around 4:15. I practice softball in Fairfax, and I have to leave at 4:30 to get there on time. Practice lasts from 6:00-8:45 at night. I get home at about 9:30-9:45. As soon as I get home, I eat dinner and take a shower. By the time I settle down and start my homework, it is 10:00 at night. On a typical day, I have at least an hour or two of homework , as well as studying to do. That means, on a typical day, I get to bed around midnight – without even getting any time to socialize with my family.

If I had just five more hours in the day, I would be able to get ahead on my homework, and even have time to watch a show and unwind. On top of that, I would be able to get the recommended eight hours of sleep at night. I think it is extremely hypocritical for adults to tell adolescents that they have to be well-rounded individuals, and get the recommended hours of sleep each night. My mom always says to me, “Try and get some sleep tonight.” It makes me so angry when she says this because I want to sleep all the time, but there is just too much to do.



The Busiest Week of the Year

Most students like to think that Homecoming Week is the most fun of the entire year. While I agree with them, for me, it is also the most stressful time of year.

I have been a member of the Student Council Association (SCA) at Heritage since I was a Sophomore. Being a member of SCA is definitely something I am extremely proud of. However, being a member of SCA is not all fun and games. Being a member of SCA requires extensive time management, hard work, and flexibility.

From the outside, most students think that SCA member just puts together the Homecoming Dance, but that is far from the only work we do. During homecoming week, SCA is responsible for selling tickets, selling T-shirts, Class Cash Competition, the Pep Rally, the Homecoming game tailgate, videos, posters, spirit day judging, setting up the dance, and so much more. I can’t even begin to explain to you how many different details go in to the variety of events around the school.

Homecoming week is by far the busiest and most stressful week of the year for SCA members. Not only are we in charge of all the events happening around the school during the week, but we are also studying, doing homework, and managing our other extracurriculars as well. At times it can get overwhelming, but it is important to take a deep breathe and remember that we deserve to enjoy our homecoming week as well.

Since Homecoming week is officially over, I feel like I can breathe and focus more on the other to do list items I skipped last week. I hope that everyone had a really fun week. Even though the DJ was not that good at the dance, the other events around school were super fun. I can’t wait for the Powder Puff game this upcoming Wednesday. The juniors better be scared because they are facing the defending champions.


Friend Soulmates are Really a Thing

Have you ever met someone and felt as though you have known them for your entire life? Well, that exact scenario happened to me this summer.

My neighbor, Dalton, and I have been good friends since we were three years old. We have a great friendship and we act like brother and sister because we have known each other for so long.

This summer, I decided to go to the Florida Georgia Line concert with Dalton and some of his work friends. When we got to the concert, I met all of his work friends: Justin, Ryan, Sydney, Haley, and Jill. However, when I met Jill, I felt like she had been my friend for years. Instantly, we had so much in common. We both are pursuing collegiate athletic careers, we are passionate about politics, and we both have a deep love for Jesus. Jill and I always have so much fun together. Whether we are hanging out with a group of people, or just driving in the car together, we relate to each other and make each other laugh. It makes me happy to have a friend like Jill in my life because she is always there for me when I need her. Crazy thing is, we only met two months ago. Even though we only met a short while ago, Jill has been a better friend to me than girls I have known my entire life.

Jill and I always talk about how there is no way we had not met before the concert because of how strong our friendship has become in a short amount time. Until it happened to me, I never would’ve guessed that friend soulmates are really a thing – but they definitely are.

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High School Artifact

As I am staring at this bright yellow softball with red seams, countless memories come to mind. I started playing softball when I was five years old, and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without it. I have met so many people from this sport that have had such an important impact on my life. When I think of the people that I have shared some of the greatest memories with, my teammates are the first people that come to mind. Since the game of softball relies so much on team chemistry, the girls I have played with over the years have become my sisters. I could go on forever about all the teammates I have had and about how they all hold a special place in my heart. In particular, I have met two of my best friends through softball. Emily and Hannah are two of my former teammates who I still keep in touch with even though they’re busy playing collegiate level softball now. Emily is a freshman at the University of Connecticut and Hannah is a sophomore at Lafayette College. My friendship with Emily and Hannah is super special because even though we spend the majority of our time together working on and practicing softball, we know every detail about each other’s lives. If anything is going on in my life, these two girls are the first to know. It is crazy to think that the two people I tell everything to may have never been in my life if I did not decide to start softball so long ago.


Organic Object – Asparagus

I am starting to wonder why so many vegetables are somewhat ombre. The asparagus in front of me goes from yellow to light green, to a darker green. I find it interesting that vegetables can be many different colors at one time, unlike us humans. On another note, where on earth did the name asparagus come from? It’s very interesting when you say it slow. “Asssparraguss.” Fascinating, really. Triangles are what give you character and make you who you are. Triangles up and down your stem that congregate at the top. At the top, your triangles make it look as though you’re wearing a crown since they join together at the top. Are you a princess or a queen? A prince or a king? I wonder about you specifically, but what about your family members? Asparagus’ are bought in bundles so are the other asparagus you bundle with your family? Why is your crown the part of you that is the most flavorful? Is your crown a symbol that you’re the head of the grass family? You sort of look as though you’re a member of the grass family. I assume you are apart of the grass family because you are green, but assuming that could easily be vegetable discrimination.  Asparagus, why are you so interesting? I know I am asking you many questions that you aren’t able to answer because you don’t speak. It makes me wonder how vegetables like you communicate with one another. Relaying information is important for humans, but do vegetables need to do it as well? After wondering so much about an asparagus and what goes on inside of them, random thoughts enter my mind about a vegetable life. Sometimes, life gets extremely busy. Sometimes, we forget to realize the beauty in the little things in life. This asparagus that I grabbed out of my fridge before my mom made dinner has made me think so much deeper about all the objects that surround me.



Readings A06 and A07 Response

Ever since I was in elementary school, I have always been taught that anything we write should have variation because it makes us sound as though we are stronger writers. However, when I got older, I was taught to use repetition to make my writings stronger. Sometimes I wonder why they teach us things when we are younger that we are going to have to change in the future. In reading A06, it talks about the same two styles of writing. In my opinion, I feel that both writing with variety and writing with repetition make you a strong writer. Some of the best writers find ways to incorporate repetition while using variety. On the other hand, in some cases repetition of the same line creates emphasis and can make writings more dramatic. Dramatic writings tend to make writers stronger and sound more educated on what they’re writing about.

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