Virtual Field Trip To The Natural History Museum

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Today I went on a virtual field trip to The National Museum Of Natural History it was actually almost as good as the real thing. When I was doing the virtual tour it was nice because since I live in the D.C. area I went there a lot when I was younger and it was cool to see it again and remember what it was like. The Tour was really cool because you could look around and see each exhibit and even read the signs. Here are some things I learned on my field trip:

  • I learned about the global heat wave 56 million years ago when the atmospheric carbon doubled in only a few thousand years.
  • I learned about was the mass extinctions of animals after humans were on earth.
  • I learned about what part of the human body out primate ancestors used
  • I learned about the music people made in ancient africa
  • I learned about the bowls and pots they made in ancient africa
  • I learned about traditional african clothing
  • I learned about gems and minerals

I really recommend that you virtually visit the museum too! It’s really fun especially if your field trip got canceled because of corona. visit this link to virtually tour the museum. Thank you for reading this blog post, don’t forget to check out my other posts and leave a comment if you did the virtual tour too! If you comment don’t forget to leave your blog url so I can visit your blog too! Thanks again for reading!


7 Things I Learned In 7th Grade

Hello its Abby I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while since the fall blogging challenge but I’m back and the spring student blogging challenge 2020 is coming up so I decided to make a listice before the challenge starts.

  1. I learned how to blog, I participated in the 2019 fall student blogging challenge and I learned so much about blogging. For example now I can write a full blog post and leave detailed comments on others posts.
  2. In english class we learned how to write a short story that is at least 1000 words. I wrote a story about a girl who gets kidnapped. I think 1000 words is the most writing I’ve ever done in my life.
  3. I learned it doesn’t matter as much as it seems when certain kids spread rumors about you just because they assumed stuff about your personality or looks. 
  4.  I learned that dress Codes are an unfair rule, there shouldn’t be rules that tell you what to wear. Clothing is how most people express themselves. There shouldn’t be a limitation to peoples way of expressing themselves. 
  5. In math I learned about slope which is how to describe the direction and steepness of a line on a coordinate plane. I also learned how to find the volume and surface area of clt fers and rectangular prisms.
  6. In science I learned about how different organisms are classified all organisms have at least eight levels of classification which are: Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
  7. In history I learned about world war 1 where there were two main sides: the central powers and the allied powers The allied powers won the war after four years.

I hope you found the thing I learned this year interesting, I sure did! Please comment on anything you learned this year and don’t forget to include your blog url so I can visit your blog too! 



Week Eight of the Student Blogging Challenge

                                                                                                                   Hello, it’s Abby and for this week’s post I’m going to be talking about my experience with the student blogging challenge 2019. I had a lot of fun with this challenge and even though there are some areas I could improve on, Im proud of my work these past two months and plan to participate in the challenge in the future.

I wrote and published seven posts (including this one) during the blogging challenge. Out of those my favorites to write were Week Two where I made a post with easy to follow steps on how to make a quality comment, Week Four where I listed things to look forward to after halloween, and Week Five where I wrote a song and posted it on my blog. The reason I liked making these specific posts is because I think I did my best work on them, sometimes my blog posts aren’t as detailed or as long as I’d like them because I am always busy and sometimes it’s hard for my to stay on top of my schoolwork and my blog posts.

Overall, I have received 18 comments on my blog,13 of those were on Student blogging challenge posts. The post with the most comments was my Week four post with five comments. Let’s make this post get more comments than any of my other posts. I have 380 pageviews on my blog total, if only everyone who visited commented 🙁 .

Before the blogging Challenge I knew nothing about blogging, I barely even knew what it was. I have learned a lot about blogging these past few weeks. For example, I learned how to write a quality comment on a blog (and you can too if you read my week two post), I learned how to put widgets on my blog (like the globe visitor counter or the virtual pet), another thing I learned was how to customize your blog. Before the blogging challenge I had no idea how personalized a blog could get, For my blog I chose a simple theme but I’ve seen some really cool ones on other peoples blogs.

In the future I want to keep blogging and update my blog at the very least twice a month. I want to eventually start a new category about clothes and things I like to wear because I wear clothes that express my personality and I enjoy wearing. Another thing I want to do on my blog in the future is feature more about my life and me because I feel like my blog lacks my personality. Please comment on anything you would like to see on my blog in the future because I am open to any suggestions.

Thanks for reading,

Week Seven of the Student Blogging Challenge

Hello there, it’s Abby from Abby’s Bloggeroni and today for week seven of the Student Blogging Challenge, I’m going to be showing you how to make an origami Christmas tree.  I chose to do Christmas for this blog post because Christmas is my favorite holiday. Christmas is my favorite holiday because you get to spend time with your family, give gifts, decorate, eat good food, and of course receive presents. I chose to do a craft because I really like art and creating things with my own hands.


Construction paper


A glue stick

Step one: Make a fortune teller with a piece of printer sized paper cut into a large square. Make another of the same size

 Step two:repeat with smaller pieces of paper until you have a pair of large fortune tellers a pair of medium and a pair of small ones

 Step Three: Start to stack your fortune tellers, if the ones on top don’t balance right away, don’t worry, once you glue the bottom pieces it will stay.

Step Four: Glue the tree together from the bottom up and add any ornaments for tree toppers by going smaller pieces of paper to the tree

That was the finished product! I hope you liked this week’s blog post. Comment you favorite seasonal food to eat during the holiday season or your favorite winter holiday.


Week Five of the Student Blogging Challenge

Hello there, it’s Abby and today I’m going to be showing you a song I wrote on garage band for Week Five of the Student Blogging Challenge. I had a really fun time making it, I used various instruments like the Guitar, Piano, Drums, and of course, my voice! I added a special filter to my voice on garage band, and it makes it sound really cool. So without any further ado, here’s my song

Image result for singing
Thank you so much for listening to my song, In the comments please feel free to give me feedback about my song. What was your favorite part of my song? What would you like to see on my blog in the future?






Week four of the Student Blogging Challenge

Hello, its Abby here, and today for week four of the student blogging challenge I’m giving you guys 6 things to look forward to now that halloween is over.

1 Thanksgiving: If you live in America, thanksgiving is the next major holiday. Who wouldn’t be excited for delicious food, time with your family and friends, and not to mention multiple days off of school! 


2 Three day weekends: Even when there aren’t any holidays soon, there are many three day weekends throughout the year.

3 Winter break: Winter break is a really nice break from school in the middle of the year, it really relaxes you and helps you catch up on sleep. Who doesn’t want a few weeks off from school?

4 Christmas/any other winter holiday you celebrate: I personally love christmas, It’s just a really happy holiday, and you get presents, What else could you want in a holiday?

5 Last day of school: The last day of school is always fun because you don’t have to do any work, and your teacher isn’t going to yell at you for talking or going on your phone because it’s literally the last day of school.


6 Summer break: It’s literally two whole months off of school filled with good weather, trips to the beach, and time to hang out with your friends, what more can I say?

What’s your favorite upcoming holiday? Mine is Christmas.

Thanks for reading my post,


Week three of the student blogging challenge

Hello there it’s Abby and today I’m  going to give you Three reasons why fall is the best season in honor of the third week of the student blogging challenge.

Image result for fall leaves

1 In my opinion fall has the best weather because you can pretty much wear anything because it’s still warm enough to wear shorts but not so warm that you can’t wear jeans, also it’s the perfect weather to wear hoodies and sweatshirts.

2 The leaves are so pretty when they change colors. I really like when the leaves turn red, orange, and yellow because it really makes it feel like fall when you go outside. It also looks really good in pictures.

3 Halloween is really fun because you get to dress up and get candy, while you’re also having a lot of fun and hanging out with your friends

week two of the student blogging challenge

Hello, Its Abby and for this week’s post I’m going to be showing you how to make a quality comment on a blog. A classmate and I created this infographic to show you. It has six easy steps to comment on a blog so that you can get more people on your blog and so you can interact with other bloggers. Here’s some basic rules you should follow when commenting on a blog

1.) Don’t reveal any personal information like your full name, phone number, personal email, your address, your location or your birthday.

2.) If there is something you don’t like about someone’s blog, focus on the good things when you are commenting. Try to compliment them.

3.) Check your grammar and spelling before posting the comment because the blogger should be able to read the nice things you have to say about their blog

Thank you for reading my post in the please leave a comment using these steps and guidelines. What was your favorite part of this blog post? Did it help you?



Week one of the student blogging challenge

Hello Abby here! For week one of the student blogging challenge we made an avatar slideshow with all the people in our communications class. I had a lot of fun making my slide, I used androidify to make my avatar, I think it is the best website to make an avatar online because there are so many options to choose from so it can actually look like you. Here’s some links to A few people in my class, They also have pretty great blogs and update frequently.

Who is a hot cheeto girl?

Who is obsessed with bees?

who plays basketball?

who loves disney?

Who likes art?

who loves hamilton

 Who likes biking

Who loves clothes and shopping

Thank you for visiting my blog, please leave a comment and link to your blog so I can visit your blog too.

A to Z post

Word Art

A My name is Abby
B My favorite books are the divergent series
C I love clothes
D My favorite animal is a dog, I have a dog named Ze
E I’m very extra
F I’m really funny, I love to laugh
G I love to chew gum, my favorite kind is trident
H I have a sister named Hannah she is almost 14 years old
I I love to talk about myself
J I hate corny jokes, but i like riddles
K I’m kind to people
L I’m loyal, I don’t talk about my friends behind their backs
M I can be mature when i need to be
N I’m nice 😉
O I’m optimistic and always hope for the best
P I am a pleasant person to be around
Q I am normally pretty loud but I can be quiet
R I am responsible and pretty independent
S If im mad or tired I can be a little sassy
T I talk a lot but Im not annoying
U I am unique
V I think that i’m a visual learner
W Im well mannered, I won’t be rude to your face
X you know you love me, xoxo gossip girl
Y youthful, Im only 12
Z I said this earlier but i have a portugese water dog named Ze

1 2